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Pre-LL.M. Program with Stanford Law School

Pre-LL.M. Program with Stanford Law School


From March 26 to March 30, a group of incoming Waseda LL.M. students spent a week studying patent law with 12 students from Stanford Law School who came to Japan as a part of Stanford’s intensive overseas field study trips training.

The Pre-LL.M. program that was jointly organized by Waseda University Graduate School of Law and Stanford Law School provided for a mix of rigorous in-class training which was connected to the discussion that students had during afternoon visits to a number of institutions that shape Japanese IP and patent law.

Students engaged in courses taught by Prof. Lemley (Stanford), Prof. Ouellette (Stanford), Prof. Ohly (Munich University), Prof. Schovsbo (University of Copenhagen), Prof. Zech (University of Basel), Prof. Hofmann (University of Nurnberg), and numerous members of expert faculty from Waseda University and other Japanese universities.


Throughout the week, the students visited the following institutions:

  • Supreme Court of Japan
  • Intellectual Property High Court
  • Japan Patent Office
  • Sony Corporation Intellectual Property Department
  • Google Japan
  • Novartis Japan
  • Nagashima Ono Tsunematsu Law Office
  • Morrison & Foerster Tokyo Office

Each of these institutions provided a warm welcome and very interesting lectures to the group of Waseda and Stanford students, and engaged in substantive discussion.

The program culminated with a public and well attended international conference that focused on the protection of Big Data and on the enforcement and licensing of standard-essential patents in the US, Europe, and Japan.

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