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Book “What is an Author?” published out of extensive joint research with Columbia University

We are pleased to announce that the following book, a fruit of research over many past years of joint educational research with Columbia University and the Global Japanese Studies Model Unit has been published.

This book is jointly edited by Visiting Professor Haruo Shirane (Shincho Professor at Columbia University), Visiting Professor Tomi Suzuki (Professor at Columbia University), Adjunct Researcher Kazuaki Komine (Emeritus Professor at Rikkyo University) and Professor Hirokazu Toeda (Waseda University).

We hope that the book will provide insights to students and researchers from all over the world in the field of Japanese Humanities Studies on the study of concept and social function of authorship.

■Title   What is an “Author”?―Transmission, Ownership, and Collectivity―

■Editor  Haruo Shirane, Tomi Suzuki, Hirokazu Toeda, Kazuaki Komine

■Published on March 23, 2021

■Details: Please click here for the list of contents.

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