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Ri Kinshuku(graduate of master's program)

I grew up in the suburbs of Harbin, Kokuryuko-sho, in northeast China. I studied Japanese as a primary foreign language at junior high school for the first time and fell in love with it. I then studied Japanese at the Japanese department of Enpen University in Kitsurin-sho, and also visited Japan as an exchange student. While being a senior student at Enpen University, I decided to gain a master’s degree because I wanted to master not only theoretical knowledge like grammar, but also practical abilities for use in Japanese language education.

I am currently studying “Invitations and communication by mail,” and researching how people use their brains to make “invitations” smooth, and how that type of action is expressed when using the medium of mail, from the point of view of “Taigu-communication”. This theme is a new approach to Japanese language study, and I have a lot to learn about it. I have a lot of opportunities to be involved in educational practices (participating in and observing classes) in connection with the course. In this way, you can experience both approaches as a learner and teacher. It is one of the most attractive aspect of this course.

My advice to international students who want to apply for GSJAL is that: You should think a lot about what you want to study based on your learning experience, you should consult acquaintances who have studied abroad or teachers and ask them about their experiences, and you should study with the utmost confidence.

The town of Waseda has a nice atmosphere and provides many opportunities to communicate with other people studying the Japanese language. You can deepen both your Japanese and global understanding even further here. When I return to China, I wish to teach the Japanese language there in the future. I believe that what I have learned here will give the impetus to my future.

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