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Faculty Major Reserch
IKEGAMI, Makiko Prof. Local Japanese Language Education, Japanese Language Pedagogy for Children, Language Education Policy
KABAYA, Hiroshi Prof. Dealing with Taigu-Communication, Dealing with Taigu-Communication Education, Honorific Expression Education
KAWAKAMI, Ikuo Prof. Japanese Language Pedagogy for Children, Immigrants and Refugees Study, Study of Children Crossing Borders
KOBAYASHI, Mina Prof. Study of Multimodal communication, Pedagogical Grammar, Second Language Acquisition, Course Design
KOMIYA, Chizuko Prof. Vocabulary to Learn, Teaching Vocabulary, Japanese for Specific Purposes
TATEOKA, Yoko Prof. Learning Environment Design, Collaborative Learning, Action Research (Jissen-Kenkyu)
TODA, Takako Prof. Acquisition of Japanese Sound System, Teaching Pronunciation, Speech Communication
FUKUSHIMA, Seiji Prof. Language Policy, Citizenship Education, Japanese Language Education
MIYAZAKI, Satoshi Prof. Sustainability, Second Language Acquisition, Language Education Policy
LEE, Jae-ho Prof. Corpus-Based Approach to Japanese Applied Linguistics,e-learning,Language Testing,Data-Driven Research to Japanese Applied Linguistics


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