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Because of the increasing diversification of Japanese language education nowadays, we offer the following curriculums to foster practical Japanese instructors. Eventually, they should have the ability to support the Japanese language learners in various different study situations, create effective curriculum planning, develop appropriate educational materials, and select appropriate learning methods.

Classes Contents
Research Seminar of Teaching Japanese With a focus on the setting of themes for use in learning Japanese language pedagogy, this course aims to develop professionals who have mastered a systematic approach, which then allows them to identify and solve problems.
Practical Study on Teaching Japanese Students participate in and observe the Japanese language lectures offered at the
Center for Japanese Language or off-campus activities of Japanese teaching, and
receive training in syllabus planning, educational material production, learning
methods, and evaluation methods. The purpose of this course is to research closely
connected to practical activities.
Theory of Teaching Japanese The purpose of this course is to achieve the knowledge of both the basic theory required in Japanese language education and how to research Japanese language education pedagogy. (Open courses)

Completion Requirements

A student must be enrolled at the Master’s Program, in principle, for two years or more, earn 30 credits or more in line with
the course category classification designated by the school, receive the necessary research guidance, submit a Master’s Thesis,
and pass the final examination.

Course Categories and Required Credits

Class Number of credits
Research Seminar of Teaching Japanese 8 credits (2 credits×4 subjects)
Practical Study on Teaching Japanese 9 credits (3 credits×3 subjects)
Theory of Teaching Japanese 10 credits (2 credits×5 subjects)
Free choice course 3 credits

* Free choice course: 3 or more credits for Practical Study on Teaching Japanese, Theory of Teaching Japanese, or courses offered at other graduate schools within Waseda University.

Credit acquisition model

Grade 1 2 Total
Term 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Research Seminar of Teaching Japanese 2 2 2 2 8
Practical Study on Teaching Japanese 3 3 3 9
Theory of Teaching Japanese 6 4 10
Free choice course 3 3
  • All courses are based on a semester system. An academic period consists of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th terms.
  • No minimum or maximum number of credits are defined for the first and second years.
  • The above chart is just a model. For example, if you were to gain 26 credits in the first grade, you would need to take Research Seminar of Teaching Japanese courses only in the second grade. International students can also take the Japanese language courses that the Center for Japanese Language offers, in order to improve their Japanese language skills.

For more details on master thesis submission and degree acquisition, please refer to the Schedule.


For those who have fulfilled the completion requirements are conferred the degree “Master of Arts in Japanese Applied
Linguistics” by Waseda University.

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