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Director of the Waseda Institute for Advanced Studies in Education, Morihiro Machida

堀誠02The true worth of education is being put to the test in our modern society, where radically different values are coming into contact with each other more frequently as we further evolve into an international information society. In particular, there is a need for specific, practical plans that directly address the issue of what should be done to better education. At the same time, these plans should look at a broad spectrum of problems facing today’s education from a comprehensive point of view. It is towards such educational goals that the Institute for Advanced Studies in Education (IASE), Waseda University, carries out a wide variety of its operations.

The IASE was originally established as the Laboratory for Advanced Studies in Education under the School of Education in April 1986. It was reorganized into the IASE, a university-wide institute for studies in education, in September 1998. Thirty years have passed since the laboratory was first established. I think it is the institute’s duty to inherit and pass on its past achievements and at the same time conduct effective studies that deal with contemporary issues.

The activities of the IASE consist of holding meetings such as lectures, symposiums, and workshops; helping to promote research groups; and the compilation and publishing of materials, such as Report, Waseda Education Criticism, Waseda Education Library, and Waseda Education Booklet. The activities of the research groups are strongly connected to other projects, so their findings over the past academic year are reported at the Research Festival at the end of January each year. Our accomplishments, future plans and other related information will be posted on this website. If you are interested in any of our programs, feel free to participate in them.

The IASE is managed by Associate Director Atsuhiko Wada, in addition to all of the professors in the Management Committee and Steering Committee (General Affairs and Editorial Department). With the coordination and cooperation of the secretariat, we invite anyone who is involved or interested in education to not hesitate to join us. We sincerely ask for your continued support, understanding, and cooperation, which have and will continue to provide success to the IASE.

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