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The Waseda International House of Literature(The Haruki Murakami Library)


The Waseda International House of Literature (WIHL) functions as a literary resource center and cultural exchange facility.
As suggested by the informal name, the Haruki Murakami Library, we have all the published works of Haruki Murakami in Japanese and in translation. The wide range of related books is complemented by a collection of 3000 books (as of October 2021) that can be viewed in the facility’s reading spaces, including galleries.

In addition to highly valuable publications such as first edition books, we have received numerous donations and entrusted items from Haruki Murakami. Our collection includes materials related to his writing, correspondence, interview articles and book reviews (many), a large number of Murakami titles translated overseas (into more than 50 languages), and records and CDs collected by Murakami himself.

We will continue to collect and organize materials after the facility opens and will make them available for viewing/listening as appropriate. This will contribute to the progress of research on Haruki Murakami’s literature, international literature, and translated literature, and to the development of new expressive activities.

Visitors can search the library materials by means of WINE (Waseda University Library’s main search interface). In addition, it is possible to search for other materials in the cultural resource database accessible at the terminal in the library.

On-site facilities include a seminar space that can accommodate up to 60 people, an audio space, a cafe, galleries, and pocket parks that people can use freely. There are staff guides to help visitors make use of the facility, so please come and experience this rich resource.

In addition to seminars and events sponsored by WIHL, we will cooperate in the hosting of other projects closely related to WIHL’s goals and offerings.


This is a facility for shared creation, a house of literature where everyone can meet. To enable those in Japan and overseas who love the works of Haruki Murakami—including those who until now have had only a passing interest—to use the facility, we will endeavor, in our preparation and planning, to encourage new discoveries by and exchange among the library’s users.

Reflecting one of Waseda University’s goals, that of turning the campus itself into a museum, we are hoping to welcome many visitors to this facility as a place where they can experience literature.

This facility is operated by the Waseda University Cultural Affairs Division and the Office of the Waseda International House of Literature, through the generous support of donations collected through Haruki Murakami Library Fundraising, with the aim of promoting the activities of researchers affiliated with WIHL.


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University Professor

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