Why Tokyo?

Global City in Asia

Tokyo is a big city with global influence.
Tokyo has global influence rivaling that of New York, London and Paris. As the most populous city in the world, it serves as a gateway to Asia, and is a place where you can experience all the cutting-edge international trends. Tokyo is guaranteed to stimulate your intellectual curiosity!

One of the Best Student Cities

Tokyo is ranked 3rd in the world, and 1st in Asia, for student life.

This ranking is based on an overall evaluation of education, diversity of students, student life, job-seeking opportunities and tuition expenses. Tokyo has the world’s best transportation network, and is the safest and cleanest big city in the world, making it the ideal place to study.

Most Hospitable City in the World

Tokyo is a city of great hospitality.

In a survey by TripAdvisor, Tokyo was ranked first for “Helpful Locals.” It does not matter even if you cannot speak Japanese - international students receive a warm welcome here.

Rich and Unique Culture

In Tokyo, traditional temples and shrines are nestled alongside skyscrapers. With seasonal events and traditional festivals (matsuri) held throughout the year, Tokyo is a place where you can enjoy modern city life along with traditional culture. In 2020, students will also have the opportunity to experience the Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

World Gourmet Capital

Tokyo has the most Michelin-starred restaurants in the world.

It is not all about high-end sushi restaurants: there is also a wide variety of delicious yet cheap and casual food on offer, such as ramen and okonomiyaki. No other city has the range of restaurants and food from around the world like Tokyo does—including Halal food, too.

  • #1 in Asia AT Kearney Global City Ranking 2017
  • #3 QS Best Student Cities Ranking 2016
  • #1 Public Transportation, Helpful Locals, Safety and Cleanliness (TripAdvisor 2014)
  • #1 Most Michelin-Starred Restaurants in the World
  • #1 Largest Urban Area in the World (Demographia World Urban Areas 2017)
  • 2 International Airports and over 60 Subway & Rail Lines

Waseda: Reviews and Rankings

Waseda University has extremely high scores in brand surveys and rankings published in a range of both domestic and international media.

  • College Management, Issue 206 (Recruit Marketing Partners)
    “University Brand Power Survey 2017” (Tokyo Region)
  • “[Japan] University Ranking 2018” (Asahi Shimbun Publications)
  • “[Japan] University Ranking” (Diamond Weekly)
  • “QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2018”
  • “QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017”
Best-Known University
Dream University
Most Attractive University
Best for Job-Seeking
Most Popular University
Most Comprehensive Curriculum
Most Potential for Development
Best for Cultivating Real-World Skills
Most Dormitories & Scholarships
Most Club & Circle Activities
Best for Producing Leaders
Best-evaluated University by High School Students
Most International Student Enrollment
Most Students Going Abroad
Best-evaluated University by the Public
Successful Applicants for Government Positions
Successful Bar Examination Takers
Successful Applicants for Certified Public Accountant
Best-known University
(Survey of Prospective Students)
Best Student Life
(Survey of Prospective Students)
Number of Athletes at the Rio Olympics
Most Enrollment of Working Adults
Overall Rankings
International Competitiveness
Number of Alumni Association Members
Best for Job-seeking
(Survey of Prospective Students)
Best for Job-hunting
2nd in Japan

World-Class Education


World-Class Education Supporting “Made in Japan” Products

Waseda is ranked 26th and 48th globally in the QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2017 and Times Higher Education Alma Mater Index 2017 respectively. It has produced many CEOs in distinguished Japanese companies, such as Sony, Honda, Toshiba and Fujitsu, which are brands renowned around the world for their highly trusted, high-quality and high-performance “Made in Japan” products.

Tokyo Cool

From pop and subculture to ancient tradition, Japanese literature, theater, music and film draw a great deal of attention from around the world. Waseda alumni form the artistic core of “Cool Japan,” as well as the backbone of the journalism, publishing and online media that disseminate them. Waseda is Cool Japan.

Offering 9 of the World’s Top 100 Subjects

According to the QS World Rankings by Subject 2017, Waseda is ranked top 50 for three subjects, namely Sports-related Subjects (19th), Modern Languages (41st) and Mineral & Mining Engineering (50th). Under the same ranking, nine subjects are ranked in the top 100 and 24 subjects in the top 200. Waseda University is aiming towards ranking at least 18 of its subjects ranked in the global top 100 by 2023.

Borderless: Partnerships with Leading Universities Around the World

A double degree (dual or joint degree) can be earned at Waseda University along with one of its 11 partner universities*. Furthermore, the University provides a wide range of opportunities to help students develop a global perspective and cultural sensitivity that transcend boundaries of nationality, language and culture through hundreds of study abroad programs, such as Global Leadership Programs (partnered with eight leading US universities) ** and Campus Asia Programs (partnered with two leading Asian universities)***.

*Peking University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong), National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), National Taiwan University (Taiwan), Korea University (South Korea), Columbia University, and Earlham Colleges (USA) , ESCP Europe (France)
**Columbia University, Georgetown University, University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins University, Dartmouth College, University of California Berkeley, University of California Los Angeles and University of Washington 
***Peking University and Korea University

Over 50 English-Based Degree Programs and 2,400+ English Courses

Waseda University offers more than 2,400 English courses, and over 50 undergraduate and graduate degree programs that can be earned entirely in English, making it the top English-based degree provider in Japan. There is currently plan to increase the numbers to 64 English-based degrees and 4,100 English-based courses over the next few years. Moreover, at least 50% of the academic staff are either foreign nationals or graduates of overseas universities. Initiatives are also being carried out at present to escalate the proportion to 75% in the upcoming years.

World-Class Business School

Waseda Business School is awarded the highest ranking 5 Palms in the Eduniversal World Business School Ranking 2017. 5 Palms is presented to business schools across the world that made it in the top 10%, and Waseda Business School is one of the only three Japanese schools to receive it. Additionally, Waseda Business School is also ranked 1st in Japan and 19th in Asia Pacific region in the QS Global MBA Rankings 2018. These achievements do not only recognize but also reassure Waseda’s global presence and reputation.

Unparalleled Experience: Waseda Summer Session

In 2014, Waseda started a four-week summer session at the undergraduate level which welcomes highly motivated international students from 70 universities in 13 different countries and regions around the world. The summer session offers a wide variety of English courses that provide fresh insight into Japan and Asia in the fields of business, culture, economics, history, literature and politics. A summer in Waseda and Tokyo is not just about intercultural exchanges but also about being inspired, challenged and growing as a global leader.

  • #48

    in Times Higher Education
    Alma Mater Index: Global 2017

  • #26

    in the World and #2 in Japan
    in QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2017

  • 9

    Subjects in Top 100 and 24 Subjects in Top 200 in QS World Rankings by Subject 2017

  • 11 Double Degree

    with World-Renowned

  • 8 Global Leadership

    with Leading Universities in the United States

  • 2 Campus Asia

    with East Asian Universities

  • 50+ English-Based
    Degree Programs

    and over 2,400
    + English-Based Courses

  • 45%

    Faculty Members with Degrees from Overseas Institutions

  • 5Palms

    in Eduniversal World Business School Ranking 2017

  • Students from70

    Universities in 13 Different Countries Participated in Waseda Summer Session 2017

A Global Research University


Leading Research University

A leader in academic research, Waseda University is a founding member of RU11, a consortium of eleven of Japan’s leading research universities. It is also one of the 13 schools selected for the top "Type-A” category of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) Top Global University Project. Waseda was also chosen for MEXT’s “Program for Promoting the Enhancement of Research Universities” as a university with exceptional research activity at a world-class level. The University has earned a reputation for research of the highest caliber.

Wide Variety of Research

With 22 graduate schools, Waseda is renowned as a first-class university. There are 2,000 researchers covering a wide range of fields including humanities, social sciences, science and engineering. Additionally, the University’s Comprehensive Research Organization supports interdisciplinary research and promoting exchange, and has established approximately 180 project research institutes which transcend boundaries across different research fields.

World-Class Research

Waseda is regarded highly among researchers. In the QS subject rankings, it is ranked 19th worldwide for Sports-related Subjects, and in the top 100 for Business & Management Studies, Geography & Area Studies, Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering, Mineral & Mining Engineering, Modern Languages, Linguistics, Politics & International Studies and Sociology. Waseda is also proud of its world-class research facilities and results in the fields of Japanese Cultural Studies, Positive Political Economics, Health and Sports Science, ICT & Robotics, Nanoenergy Materials, Mathematics and Physics, and Global Asia Studies. The University has obtained government support to expand its activities in these fields.

Research with Profound Social Benefits

In addition to research, Waseda is also known for its collaborative work with industries, and in terms of funding collected, it is ranked second in Japan for contracted industry research. The University also tackles social issues, and has made major contributions to disaster recovery efforts, for example, by establishing numerous projects related to health and medical treatment, infrastructure resilience, urban planning and social systems.

Global Research Network

Waseda has academic exchange agreements with 560 universities in 86 countries and regions. The University has 15 research institutes and international bases of its own in over 10 countries, which support its education and research projects. Waseda has a well-established worldwide research network, ranking number one in Japan for proportion of international collaborative publications in the CWTS Leiden Ranking 2017.

  • A Founding Member of RU11

    , a Consortium of Top 11 Research Universities in Japan

  • One of the13

    Best Schools Selected for Japan's
    Top Global University Project

  • 22 Graduate Schools and 2000
    Full-Time Researchers

  • 180
    Project Research Institutes

  • Ranked Among Top100

    in the World in 9 Research Fields

  • #1
    in Japan

    Proportion of International Collaborative Publications
    in CWTS Leiden Ranking 2017

Waseda’s Expanding Global Network

Discover Yourself at Waseda
Producing global leaders in industry, academia and government
In the QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2018, Waseda is ranked 26th in the world for graduate employability, becoming the top private university in Japan. Waseda’s liberal school spirit is characterized as open, diverse and fluid, and has produced countless leaders in industry, academia and government, including seven prime ministers as well as founders and CEOs of many internationally famous corporations*.
*Sony, Casio, Uniqlo, Lotte, Samsung, Aeon, etc.

+620,000 Alumni Around the World

In the 130 years since its founding, Waseda has produced some 620,000 graduates. The University’s alumni are prominent on the world stage in a variety of fields. Waseda’s international network is a great asset for students while studying and after graduation.

Talent Pool of 779 Global Partner Institutions

Waseda values international exchange between students, researchers and faculty, and has academic exchange agreements with 779 world-renowned universities and institutions.
Additionally, there are approximately 7,200 international students enrolled at the University (as of 2016). The University is dedicated to preparing students to become successful global leaders and providing them with the knowhow to take back to their home countries or elsewhere. Researchers who studied at Waseda are leaders at universities and research institutions around the world.

Hub for World-Class Athletes

Sport is an important part of education that fosters social development and builds character. Waseda sees great value in sports and plays a very important role in Japan’s sporting world. Graduates have gone onto becoming successful international athletes, including 409 Olympians and 56 medalists.


Some famous athletes from the recent years include: figure skaters Yuzuru Hanyu (gold medalist at the Sochi Olympics) and Shizuka Arakawa (gold medalist at the Torino Olympics); swimmers Seto Daiya, Masato Sakai and Natsumi Hoshi (medalists at the Rio Olympics).

in Japan

(as a private university) QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2018


Japanese Prime Ministers Who Are Waseda Graduates


Alumni Around the World


Partnership with
Leading Global Institutions

in Japan

for Most International Students on
Campus: 7,200

409 Olympians and 56 Medalists

Safe Campus Life


Country in the World

Tokyo is ranked by far the safest city in the world. What is more, Tokyo is known to be the best for quality of life among world cities. Students can enjoy a peace of mind, knowing that they are in the safest country in the world and can focus on their studies.


of International Students Receive Scholarships

Waseda provides over 250 different scholarships, including many that are unique to the University. Scholarships totaled over 21.1 billion yen for over 17, 000 students in 2015, leading in numbers in Japan. The University also provides all kinds of scholarships for international students, with over 50% receiving some sort of scholarship.

Your Second Home: Enjoy Residential Life with Fellow Students in a Secure Environment

Waseda’s dormitories are open to students as soon as they arrive in the country, and live-in House Masters (administrators) and Resident Assistants (RAs) are there to help. While respecting students’ privacy, various opportunities encourage cross-cultural exchange among students in the dormitories and help create lifelong networks.

Immerse Yourself in Japanese Culture

Waseda offers many degree programs conducted entirely in English while also providing opportunities to study Japanese, so that students can learn in-depth about Japanese culture, and enrich their experience. Waseda is home to one of the largest Japanese language centers in the country, with over 300 courses available. With eight levels of study ranging from beginner to advanced, students can also choose courses focusing on reading, writing, speaking and listening. The center is particularly important for students hoping to find employment at Japanese companies.

Vibrant Students Activities

Waseda boasts one other “curriculum” - extra-curricular activities. Approximately 90% of students participate in clubs and circles, making them a vital part of student life. As of 2017, there are over 600 official groups, and it is said that there is no circle that does not exist at Waseda! Other extracurricular programs are also available, including exchange groups for overseas students and volunteer programs.

  • #1

    in the Safe Cities
    Index 2017, The Economist

  • #1
    in the World

    Quality of Life
    Monocle Survey 2017

  • US$21,130,000

    FY2015 Scholarship Budget

  • Over

    International Students Receiving Scholarships

  • #1

    Number of Student Circles

  • 90%

    Students Who Have Participated
    in a Circle

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