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Five things every new Waseda student should do

With over 50,000 students from all over Japan and the world, student life at Waseda is full of excitement and new discoveries. To make the best out of it, Waseda Weekly, the University’s online magazine for students, compiled a list of five things every new student should do.

Five things every new Waseda student should do

1. Visit the Waseda Central Library

Out of the many libraries at Waseda University, the Central Library is considered one of the top university libraries in Japan, housing over 2.7 million volumes. Rest assured, almost any book can be found here. The quiet reading rooms allow students to concentrate on their studies. You can also practice and master using reference tools, which most students will be required to take classes on and will become necessary when writing a report or a thesis.

2. Immerse in intercultural exchange and learn a foreign language

Events held at ICC

As of the academic year 2016, 7,100 international students studied at Waseda University. Students will have the chance to meet peers from countries worldwide solely in the classroom, but by participating in events organized by ICC (Intercultural Communication Center), they can experience intercultural exchange while having fun through games and conversations.

Open courses offered at the Global Education Center (GEC) and ICC’s language and culture exchange program are also recommended to learn a foreign language.

For study abroad programs, Waseda University offers diverse options, catered to the students’ needs and proficiency. Get information early on by going to orientation organized by the Center for International Education (CIE) and Waseda Weekly’s Study Abroad section.

3. Try Wasemeshi, the eateries in the Waseda area

There are many student-friendly eateries, in terms of price and volume, known as Wasemeshi, often featured in the Watashi no Wasemeshi (My Waseda Cuisine, link in Japanese) section of Waseda Weekly. The cafeterias located on campuses are also a healthy option available at a reasonable price.

Not to forget, Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association serves lunch to students every year in May and October at 100 yen.

4. Show Waseda pride through events and sport matches

Many exciting events and sport matches take place at Waseda, for example, Wasedasai, (Waseda Festival, link in Japanese) in November and Waseda 100km Hike in May. Participating in these Waseda traditions will surely become cherished memories. Also, students can show their Waseda pride, especially in sport rivalry games such as the Waseda-Keio baseball match in May and October and Waseda-Meiji rugby match in December.

5. Join a student club

There are nearly 600 official student clubs (or known as “circles” in Japan) at Waseda University. Students can look for circles to join during club rush which takes place every April, or for convenience, in the Official Circles Guide (link in Japanese).

Popular student clubs among international students

Culture and Arts Festival, held in May every year

Take advantage of the facilities and services available


Besides those mentioned above, Waseda University offers many other services. Find our more on the University’s website.

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