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VIVASEDA -Olympic and Paralympic Student Project-


VIVASEDA is a volunteer group of Waseda students for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games! Activities cover a wide range of activities, including planning and holding events related to the Games, disseminating information such as news about athletes and the Games and event information, and activities related to volunteer management. Members are divided into three departments: Events, PR, and Volunteer Coordination. We plan and implement several projects that can be joined by any department. (For details, see the activity introduction.)

The main purpose is for the students to gain valuable experience (intangible legacy) by actively participating in the Games held in their home country, and to greatly enhance the Tokyo Games through their activities. We will do our best by cooperating with other institutions outside of the university as well as Waseda University, so that we can excite the Tokyo Games together. We will work as a bridge between Waseda University and the Olympic and Paralympic Games. We appreciate your understanding and support.

“VIVASEDA” is derived from the Italian word “VIVA! WASEDA”. V V make W.

Introduction of Departments

【Event Department】

【Volunteer Coordination Department】

【PR Department】


About the Projects  

For various events and projects, a project team is set up, recruiting members from different departments. There are also projects in cooperation with external companies and municipalities, working on a variety of activities.

~Examples of Projects~ ※Some projects have been canceled or postponed due to the recent situation.

  • Welcome Project
  • 100 Days Before the Olympics Event Project
  • Museum Week Project
  • Olympics and Paralympics Day Project
  • Candle Night Project
  • CONI Welcome Project ※CONI…Italian National Olympic Committee
  • Original Menu Invention Project

Activities so far





Pre-camp of the Italian Swimming Team in Tokorozawa Campus for World Swimming Championships (Interview and Dissemination of information on SNS)

Training camp of the Italian Racewalking Team at Tokorozawa (Volunteer activities)

Planning and production of volunteer uniforms


VIVASEDA original T-shirt production


Information session held for new students enrolled in September

Opened a VR Fencing experience booth、conducted a pre-sale of “Italian Taco Rice” in Tomon Festival


Volunteer recruitment for the Italian team’s pre-camp in Summer 2020(Supported PR)

VIVASEDA×Waseda University Co-op Collaboration Meal “Italian Taco Rice” sold at each campus. (The meal was popular, sold 2314 meals in 5 days.)




Participation in “Make the Beat”, a video support project sponsored by the Tokyo 2020 Games Organizing Committee


Implementation of the Welcome Project (release of explanatory videos for new students)

Future Activities

TBA on SNS and on this website once decided.

Check our SNS for the latest information!

Twitter account

Instagram account

Instagram Posts


Our Activities

At the social gathering

VIVASEDA×Waseda University Co-op Collaboration Meal “Italian Taco Rice”

At the general meeting

VR booth in Tomon Festival

VR booth in Tomon Festival

In front of Okuma Auditorium

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