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VIVASEDA is recruiting new members

VIVASEDA, a volunteer group of Waseda students for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games founded in March 2019is recruiting new members for 2020. 

As the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic games have been postponed to 2021, VIVASEDA will continue its activities into next year as well. We have had to postpone or cancel events one after the other, but each member is actively devising new projects, using various initiatives such as the internet. As this year is now the year before the start of the games, VIVASEDA plans to work together with new students to be an even more active group and work hard towards the Games. 

The following videos introduce VIVASEDA and the sign-up process 


Introduction of Departments

About the Projects

Activities at last year’s Tomonsai

On April 16, we held an online introductory meeting where over 50 new students took part. The meeting included detailed explanations from members on the departments and projects, and a question and answer session. 

Other introductory meetings, including an introduction from English interpreters, are scheduled for later. 

The sign-up application will be delivered to new students through MyWaseda on April 27. The application period is from April 27 to May 18. 


We introduce our activities and members in detail through social media. Please check them out as well. 




Italian Swimming Team and Publicity team.

For questions regarding VIVASEDA, please contact [email protected] with your faculty, academic year, student ID number and name. 

We ask for your continued understanding and support of VIVASEDA. 

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