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VIVASEDA holds Waseda 2020 Sports Day!

‘Athlete Challenge’ videos have been uploaded. (updated on January 29, 2021)

On November 16, VIVASEDA, a student-run project to promote the Olympics and Paralympics, held Waseda 2020 Sports Day (an online event). The following are reports from each project planned by the group’s members.


Interview with a Shoe Planner

Seiji Usui (a 1999 graduate of human sciences), an employee of ASICS Japan Ltd.’s Category Strategy Department, gave a lecture entitled “Relationships with Athletes (Consumers) through Products.” Mr. Usui was asked to share his thoughts on the relationship between ASICS and Olympians and the latest developments in shoe technologies, providing many interesting insights.

VIVASEDA members also asked questions from participants that were received in advance. Although the members felt a bit nervous, the interview provided an excellent opportunity to hear directly from an ASICS employee.


Training Course for People Lacking Exercise

We stretched in the morning during the course, which made our bodies feel a lot freer during the day. We were also taught about exercises that can be done in the home.


Athlete Challenge

This event involved members from an official Waseda University sports club attempting to break a world record. On the day of the event, a quiz was held to predict who would achieve the highest record while watching a video of the challenge. This was the first time VIVASEDA held a project in cooperation with other university clubs. We were grateful to the many different clubs that kindly accepted our request. We would like to express our thanks to everyone who helped us.


Rec Project

The Rec Project held an exchange event for new students. The event was themed around an online sports day. It involved recreational activities that could be performed remotely, such as a plastic bottle balance relay and a scavenger hunt. We are glad the first-year students who participated had fun!


Boccia tournament between Waseda and Sophia universities

Members of VIVASEDA at Waseda University and Go Beyond at Sophia University held a game of boccia, a Paralympic sport. It ended up being a heated battle, with all participants enjoying the event.


Click here for more details on boccia. (only in Japanese)


Introduction to Sitting Volleyball

We interviewed Yoshihisa Mano, President of the Japan Para-Volleyball Association, and other players about the sport of sitting volleyball. We were well prepared, which helped the interview go smoothly. It was difficult to edit the article, but we are pleased with the results, so we hope you will give it a read.


Click here for the interview with President Yoshihisa Mano. (only in Japanese)

Click here for interviews with sitting volleyball athletes. (only in Japanese)

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