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Student Reports: Visiting universities in Thailand

On November 19-25, Associate Professor Masashi Miyashita and Associate Professor Kuniaki Hirayama visited Thammasat University, Kasetsart University and Chulalongkorn University in Thailand to present research activities in sport sciences at Waseda University for the promotion of the English-degree graduate program. Below are comments from graduate students who went to Thailand with the two professors.

Student Reports

Ms. Iwata (1st year in master’s program, the Graduate School of Sport Sciences) : My study is about body cooling, and I felt there might be more demand in the sports field such as in Thailand with hot weather than in Japan. For the future, it would be one of the research methods to advance the approach which can be disseminated for hot countries besides the summer specific in Japan.

Ms. Namura (1st year in doctoral program, the Graduate School of Sport Sciences) : I have made a presentation about my current research. I got a lot of questions from faculty members and students, including how to develop research, specific contents, analysis method, and received valuable opinions by discussing. I hope to utilize this opinion in my future research activities and to do better research.

Iwata: We visited Thammasat University, Kasetsart University, and Chulalongkorn University in Thailand, which the Faculty of Sport Sciences, Waseda University has Academic Agreement under the Faculty-level, accompanying with Associate Professor Miyashita and Associate Professor Hirayama from November 19th to 25th, 2018, and we made presentations on research activities and introduction of the English-Based doctoral and master program.

Namura: We got impression that both faculty members and students there were listening very enthusiastically about our English-based program as well as entire Waseda University. We gave presentations on what kind of research we are conducting at Waseda, and how the real University life is.

Some of the faculty members there are thinking about conducting research in Japan to obtain a doctorate degree at the visiting university, so I felt that this visit became a good opportunity for introducing appealing points as facilities or research fields at Waseda.

Ms. Iwata, (1st year-doctoral student, the Graduate School of Sport Sciences) : On the last day, I participated in the research progress report meeting of the student doctoral course of Chulalongkorn University. Also, I was able to deepen the exchange by doing research presentations with students of Dr. Nattiporn Nokkaew, Chulalongkorn University, and joining discussion with them. At the research presentation, I found it very interesting to realize research content unique to Thailand.

In addition, we were able to visit the research facilities of visiting universities, and look into the Thai students’ life. The campuses of ​​the universities were large, including fields and training rooms.

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