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Online workshop report: “Semantic network analysis: A Comparison of Israeli and Japanese International news and searches”

On Wednesday, October 20, 2021, Associate Professor Elad Segev (Department of Communication, Tel Aviv University, Israel) gave a lecture entitled “Semantic network analysis: A Comparison of Israeli and Japanese International news and searches”. This workshop was held online via Zoom at the invitation of the Center for Empirical Political Economy. The participating students had the opportunity to learn network analysis and quantitative text analysis, skills which are becoming increasingly important in social science research. Associate Professor Segev is active internationally in the field of political communication research and has recently published the book “Semantic Network Analysis in Social Sciences”.

The 60-minute lecture was followed by a 30-minute question-and-answer session, during which Prof. Segev discussed the overall image of network analysis, with particular emphasis on semantic network analysis of international news reports. In the 30-minute question-and-answer session, a number of questions were posed, such as the limitations of the methodology, ethical issues in text analysis, and how to develop research on the emergence of Western bias in news.

Student’s voice

 ~~ Student perspectives from our future leaders of the world ~~

ISHI, Sota
Second-year student in the Department of Global Political Economy

Starting with the introduction to semantic network analysis, the lecture went farther to show some of the latest research. Covering this broad area with absolute clarity was only possible by Professor Segev, who is one of the leading scholars in semantic analysis. Also, Professor Segev provided participants with the assumption and intuition behind the research by answering every question in detail. It was a valuable experience and quite unique to the TGU project where students and researchers keep challenging new methods such as text analysis, eye-tracker experiment and item response theory.

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