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EU Friendship Workshop “International History of Post-War Western Europe/Japan Relations -The Overall History and Two Critical Moments-“

We are pleased to announce that Waseda Institute of Political Economy and the Center for Positive/Empirical Analysis of Political Economy will hold an online event called EU Friendship Workshop as follows. Please join us by registering for the event.


International History of Post-War Western Europe/Japan Relations -The Overall History and Two Critical Moments-


Tomoki Kuniyoshi, Associate Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Economics


・Oliviero Frattolillo (Roma Tre University)
・Nicholas Peeters (Waseda University)
・Hitoshi Suzuki (University of Tokyo/Keidanren 21st Century Public Policy Institute)

Time & Date: Saturday, Oct. 9, 2021, 17:30-21:00

Venue: Zoom



The overarching objective of the symposium is to launch an inquiry into the international history of EU-Japan relations. The event hopes to shed light on the historical development of European/Japan relations during the Cold War and beyond. A comprehensive analysis of that topic is beyond the scope of this single event, but the workshop will look into areas of controversy and the phases that characterized these relations, and two particularly illuminating cases will be examined in the broader context. This will take the international history of Japan beyond its existing focus on US-Japan relations or Japan’s relations with neighboring Asian states, and thus open the way to a new dimension of studies in international history. Further, this new historical horizon will offer insight into the nature of current Japan-EU relations, especially after the crisis of Brexit.


・17:30 Tomoki Kuniyoshi (Waseda University), inaugural statement

・17:40 Oliviero Frattolillo (Roma Tre University)
“A historical perspective on Japan-EU Relations during the Cold War years”

・18:40 Nicholas Peeters (Waseda University)
“Cat among the Pigeons: Western Europe and Japan’s Bid for OECD Membership”

・19:40 Hitoshi Suzuki (University of Tokyo/Keidanren 21st Century Public Policy Institute)
“Thatcher and Nissan’s British Plant, with later developments to the post-Brexit era”

・20:45 Tomoki Kuniyoshi, closing remarks
“Further Perspectives from the standpoint of Japanese Diplomatic History”


Language: English

Waseda University students, faculty, staff and the general public are eligible to apply (registration required, free admission)

Application deadline: Thursday, Oct. 7, 2021, 12:00
Submit the Application form by the above due date. The zoom link for the workshop will be emailed to those who have registered for the event.

Contact: Waseda Institute of Political Economy [email protected]

Organizer: Waseda Institute of Political Economy
Co-organizer: Center for Positive/Empirical Analysis of Political Economy

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Mon, 27 Sep 2021

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