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”Domestic Institutions, Geographic Concentration, and Agricultural Liberalization Evidence from Remote-Sensed Cropland Data”

On Thursday, July 8, 2021, Professor Megumi Naoi (University of California, San Diego) will deliver the following public seminar. We look forward to your participation.

”Domestic Institutions, Geographic Concentration, and Agricultural Liberalization: Evidence from Remote-Sensed Cropland Data”


Speaker: Megumi Naoi (Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of California, San Diego)

Date and Time: July (Thu) 8, 2021, 10:40-12:10

Venue: Zoom meeting

Registration: Click here for registration

Language: English

Open to members of Waseda University and the general public, free admission



One of the persistent obstacles to trade liberalization is a government’s inability to commit and deliver compensation to trade losers. This paper demonstrates that credible commitments to compensatory policies hinges on inter-branch contract whereby an executive branch promises redistributive compensation in exchange for legislative support of ratification.

We offer a theory that constitutional structures interact with the geographic concentration of industries to affect the costs of forming and enforcing a compensation contract. Specifically, we argue that geographic concentration facilitates the contract enforcement within a party in parliamentary systems with a smaller number of concerned legislators whereas geographic diffusion promotes coalition-building among larger number of legislators in presidential systems to support liberalization.

We test this argument using new data on product-level agricultural trade liberalization and remote-sensed cropland data in 48 democracies. We find that parliamentary (presidential) systems are more likely to liberalize geographically concentrated (diffused) products.


Organizer: Yuriko Takahashi ([email protected])

Sponsors: Center for Positive/Empirical Analysis of Political Economy, Top Global University Project; Empirical and Positive Political Science Workshop; Waseda Institute of Political Economy, Waseda University

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Wed, 16 Jun 2021

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