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Online Workshop: How to Publish Academic Papers

Looking for an academic position? Having publications on your C.V. definitely helps, even if you are a graduate student. This workshop is for graduate students, junior researchers, and aspiring undergraduate students who would like to know how to publish papers in academic journals in English. The speaker is Dr. Daina Chiba, who was a senior lecturer (associate professor) at the University of Essex in the United Kingdom (Ph.D., Rice University). This is an informal workshop in which Dr. Chiba discusses the following topics, among others:


* There are so many academic journals in political science – what’s the best way to choose the right journal for my paper?

* How does the peer-review process work?

* How can we increase the chance of being accepted? Is there anything that we should be careful about when we submit our manuscript to a journal?

* What’s the referee report and how are we supposed to respond to their comments?

* My manuscript was rejected, but one of the referees clearly didn’t understand some aspects of my paper. Should I make an appeal to the editor?

* Is it OK to upload my manuscript on a preprint depository although it is currently under review?

and he is willing answer any of other questions from the participants!

You can find more about Dr. Chiba here:

Date/time: 10:00-12:00, Friday, March 19th, 2021. (You may enter and leave anytime during the session)

Format: Online zoom session

Open to: Graduate students,  undergraduate students,open to general

Language: English

Fee: Free

Please register from the link below if you are interested. The deadline for registration is noon, Thursday, March 18, 2021. Participants will a zoom link by the end of March 18th.

Sponsor: Top Global University project, Positive/Empirical Analysis of Political Economy Unit

Inquiries: Michiko Ueda ([email protected])

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Thu, 11 Mar 2021

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