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Welcoming Dr. Ken Lee as Visiting Associate Professor

During the month of December 2020, we welcomed Dr. Ken Lee, Senior Lecturer of Nanyang Technological University, as a visiting associate professor. Dr. Lee was initially meant to stay at Waseda, but due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, he instead held lectures and gave research instructions in an online format.

Dr. Lee specializes in organic chemistry, and is a specialist in synthesizing a wide variety of compounds using flow chemistry and high-throughput experimentation using synthesis robots. He stayed in Waseda for around two weeks last fiscal year as part of the Top Global University Project, and held lectures and gave research instructions in English, as well as helped deepen the understanding of students on specialized and cutting-edge technology.

This year, Dr. Lee held lectures on “Synthesis of small molecule dyes for theranostic application,” “Synthesis and biomolecular assembly of bespoke lipids for theranostic applications,” and “Photodynamic/thermal therapies and unique approaches for theranostic applications,” based on the theme of “Advanced Topics on Bimolecular Assembly.” He also participated in the regular research report meetings of laboratories (specifically the Nanosheet Group and the Liposome Group), and offered advice to many students. We have implemented discussions on future joint education/research, and we expect further collaborative development.


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