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Online lecture “The Physiology and Biochemistry of Physical Training” by visiting scholar Dr. Radak Zsolt from the University of Physical Education, Hungary

Dr. Radak Zsolt, a visiting scholar from the University of Physical Education, Hungary, is giving a winter intensive course to the Graduate School of Sport Sciences titled “The Physiology and Biochemistry of Physical Training.” from November 24, 2020 to January 26, 2021.

This course consist of a series of video lectures on the Waseda MOODLE platform and a couple of online live sessions. As the start of the course, three video lectures were released on Waseda Moodle followed by an online live debate between Hungary and Japan on November 24.

Dr. Zsolt and Dr. Suzuki, the counter partner of Waseda University co-facilitated the live session and invited several specific guests to course. During the session, guest speakers and students shared their research themes and had discussion with each other. At the very beginning of the live session, some students seemed to be a little nervous but soon got used to the environment. The two facilitators were able to make students to relax and successfully guided them to a vivid discussion. After the session, students reported that they had a good opportunity to expand their research interest with international counter partners.

The next online live session by Dr. Zsolt is coming up again in January 2021.

Course description from the syllabus

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are important to exercise-induced adaptation. The present course is going to focus on this, emphasizing the role of acute and regular exercise, aging, and organ specificity, especially skeletal muscle and brain. We will discuss the involvement of ROS in aging, mitochondrial biogenesis, muscle soreness and diseases prevention.

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