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Report on Workshop “International Workshop on the Multi-Phase Flow Analysis, Modeling and Numerics”

The Multiscale Analysis, Modelling and Simulation Model Unit organized the “International Workshop on the Multi-Phase Flow; Analysis, Modeling and Numerics” from December 1 through 4, 2020. This workshop is an international conference concerning the unique existence of strong solutions and its asymptotic behaviors of the equations describing the motion of the fluids. This conference has been held every autumn since 2009, where Prof. G. P. Galdi joins as an academic committee. This year, the conference was held as a webinar via Zoom.

Based on MOU between Oxford University, we had the “Oxford-Waseda in Mathematics” session in order to strengthen the research and educational exchanges on a larger scale in the field of mathematics. We invited 21 researchers from Japan as well as abroad and seven students of the Mathematical and Physical Sciences Course presented their own research results. Since the disaster due to COVID-19, the workshop was held online, but the researchers and students still had lively discussions. The time of the workshop was delayed from last year to make it easier for foreign researchers and students outside of Asia to participate. As a result, the number of participants from abroad increased compared to last year, and the number of participants in the workshop was 150. This may indicate that when the pandemic is over, a “hybrid” workshop — combining face-to-face and online conference — may lead to more research discussions.

The Multiscale Analysis, Modelling and Simulation Model Unit continues to expand its international outreach through international workshops, as well as to provide more opportunities for course students to interact with researchers in the world even if the disaster is not over via online.

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