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“International Issues in Sport Management” lecture by Dr. Kevin Filo of Griffith University, Australia

From October 13 to December 1, 2020, Dr. Kevin Filo of Griffith University, Australia, who started to lecture at the Graduate School of Sport Sciences, taught an autumn intensive course titled “International Issues in Sport Management.” Below is a report from Dr. Filo who lectured the course.

Waseda Students Experience the Course: International Issues in Sport Management Delivered by Kevin Filo

Across a five-week intensive format, Waseda University postgraduate students took part in a course titled, “International Issues in Sport Management.” The course was convened by Associate Professor Kevin Filo from the Department of Tourism, Sport and Hotel Management of the Griffith Business School at Griffith University. Dr. Filo is a visiting lecturer at Waseda University through the Top Global University (TGU) program. This was Dr. Filo’s second time serving as a visiting lecturer at Waseda and his first time delivering this course online.

The course comprised of both synchronous and asynchronous teaching methods. First, the asynchronous teaching content encompassed 15 pre-recorded sessions. Within each session, students were provided with 2-3 pre-recorded lectures delivered by Dr. Filo; 3-5 external videos that complemented session content and included discussion questions; and an opening discussion question to introduce each session topic. In addition, each session included a session overview that outlined the session structure and communicated learning objectives for each session.

PHOTO: The students prepare for Live Workshop #2

The synchronous teaching content featured five live workshops delivered to students by Dr. Filo on Thursday afternoons. These live workshops involved an opening discussion of current events and sport management wherein students were asked to highlight how recent events and headlines from the world of sport related to course content. From there, Dr. Filo and the students would review the content from three of the sessions, including an interactive overview of the discussion activities within each session. Within the final-two live workshops, the course assignment was discussed in detail.

PHOTO: Live Workshop #2 concludes and the students and Dr. Filo say goodbye for the day

Dr. Filo was immediately impressed by the student’s willingness to engage in class discussions and their openness for an interactive class environment. This certainly helped to create a more personal learning and teaching context despite the virtual course delivery. In addition, the student’s strong English skills were present at the outset of the course and throughout the five weeks together. Again, this made an impression on Dr. Filo and facilitated rich course discussions.

The basic premise of the course is: examining how broader trends in society at large are influencing sport business, and how sport business is influencing these broader societal trends. Session topics included: diversity and inclusion in sport, environmental issues in sport, deviance and sport, social media and sport, the impact of mobile technologies on the sport experience and big data and analytics in sport (among others).

PHOTO: Live Workshop #5 begins with the students greeting one another

For the course assessment, students were required to put together a video essay (vodcast) in which the student selected a specific sport issue (e.g., Performance Enhancing Drug testing in men’s tennis) or a broader sport issue (e.g., the lack of women in leadership positions across global sport) and provided an analysis founded upon theory and external research. Five social theories were presented in class to be applied to this analysis. In addition, students were provided with a collection of potential topics and issues to choose from, alongside the option to choose their own issue. Students were encouraged to select a topic they are passionate about. A collection of resources were provided to assist students in completing this assignment such as exemplars from previous students, an assignment overview and marking rubric.

At Griffith University, Dr. Filo teaches both undergrad and postgrad: Event Marketing & Sponsorship, Contemporary Issues in Sport Business, Sport and Social Media, and Sport Information. His research focuses on the synergy that exists between sport and philanthropy along with the social outcomes and benefits from sport event participation and consumption. Delivering this course allowed Dr. Filo to incorporate both his research interests and teaching experience into course content.

PHOTO: The delivery of content for Live Workshop #5 begins

Dr. Filo says that it was an absolute pleasure to teach this course and work with these students. It is hoped that this course can serve as a launching pad for further collaboration between Dr. Filo and the students.


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