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Online round table “Instances du sujet dans le Roman du Genji et au-delà”

Instances of selfhood in The Tale of Genji and beyond

身と心の位相 ——源氏物語を起点として

The Global Japanese Studies model unit is pleased to announce the following online event centered on The Tale of Genji.


Since ancient times, Japanese people have utilized two key concepts, “mi” and “kokoro,” to understand the nature of their lives. These two terms are the focal point of this roundtable, wherein we attempt to trace the trajectory of personal self-awareness from ancient to modern times as discerned in selected literary works.


December 12 (Sat) – 13 (Sun), 2020  17:00-20:30 (JST)  both day

09:00-12:30 (CET)  03:00-06:30 (EST)  08:00-11:30 (UTC)


Day 1 December 12th (Sat)
Session 1: mi and kokoro from Nara to Heian
Session 2: intersubjective dimension of mi and kokoro

Day 2 December 13th (Sun)
Session 3: from Heian to medieval times
Session 4: Closing discussion moderated by Anne BAYARD-SAKAI (IFRAE-Inalco)


Yasuhiko Komatsu (Aoyamagakuin Univ.)  Daniel Struve (CRCAO-Univ. Paris)  Longmei Zhang(Beijing Foreign Studies Univ.) Paul Schalow (Rutgers Univ.)  Keith Vincent (Boston Univ.)  Sumie Terada (IFRAE-INALCO)  Edward Kamens (Yale Univ.)  Yuki Yamanaka (Toyo Univ.)  Hidenori Jinno (Waseda Univ.)  Yasuaki Watanabe (Univ. of Tokyo)  Michel Vieillard-Baron(IFRAE-INALCO) Hiromi Hyodo (Gakushuin Univ.)  Ivo Smits(Leiden Univ.) Saeko Kimura (Tsuda Univ.) Koichiro Sukegawa (Gifu Women’s Univ.)  Matthias Hayek(CRCAO-Univ. Paris) Sekiko Sato (Tohoku Univ.)  Anne Bayard-Sakai(IFRAE-INALCO)

Language: Japanese and English (No translation)

Fees: Free of charge

*Anyone can attend this event, but we ask that prior to the event, the participants download and read the handouts which will be emailed in early December.

*Click here for the abstracts on this event.

*You may enter/exit the Webinar anytime during the two-day event.


This event will be held using Zoom Webinar.  If interested, please register from the link below:
(This link is available for both days)

*Registrants will be sent a link by email to attend the event via Zoom Webinar.

Registration deadline : December 11th (Friday), 2020 12:00 JST

For more information, please refer to the flyer below:

Contact: [email protected]

This symposium is conducted as part of the international education program of the “Top Global University Project” under MEXT grant.

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Fri, 13 Nov 2020

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