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Financial support for the Essex Summer School 2020 (in place of ESS @ Waseda)

Financial support for the Essex Summer School 2020 (in place of ESS @ Waseda)

We are pleased to announce that financial support will be available for taking a course at the Essex Summer School 2020 (all online) because we cannot hold the ESS @ Waseda this year. We will support a full tuition fee for one course per student, and the recipients will be selected on a competitive basis because of our limited budget.
The deadline for the application is by 5 PM on July 17 (Fri).

While any graduate students in the Graduate School of Political Science or the Graduate School of Economics at Waseda are eligible, priority will be given to doctoral students and Master’s degree students who will continue to the Ph.D. program. 4th-year (or higher) SPSE undergraduate students are also eligible to apply, but the eligibility is limited to those who are scheduled to go to the Graduate School of Political Science or the Graduate School of Economics at Waseda. Note that even if you are in the prioritized group, the support will not be guaranteed depending on the number of applications.

Also, not all ESS courses are eligible for support. You must select a course from the courses listed below. This is a regular ESS course, and you may earn 15 ETCS credits by completing the course conditional on passing required exams. The courses start on Monday, August 10th and end on Friday, August 21st.

The Course List
3B Quantitative Text Analysis
3C Doing Discourse Analysis: Populism, Neoliberalism and Radical Democratic Politics
3E Maximum Likelihood Estimation
3F Bayesian Analysis for the Social and Behavioural Sciences
3H Spatial Econometrics
3I Web Scraping and Data Management for Social Scientists
3J Advanced Quantitative Data Analysis
3K Time Series and Panel Models for Dynamic and Heterogeneous Processes
3L Scaling Methods for Social Sciences: Measuring Patterns and Preferences
3N Advanced Machine Learning for Social Scientists

➡More detailed course information is available at the following link:

We will notify the results by July 24. Once you are selected for the support, you will be asked to register for the course by yourself and pay the tuition (900 GBP, about 120,000 yen) using your credit card. We will reimburse you on a later date, but please note that it may take a few months before you get reimbursed.

To apply to the financial support, you must submit the application form at the link below.
Application Form for the Financial Support for E.S.S 2020

You will be asked to enter the name of your advisor/supervisor as well as your cumulative GPA if you are undergraduate or master students.
The application deadline is by 5 PM on July 17 (Fri) and no late submission is accepted under any circumstances.

↓If you have any questions, please contact our center.↓
Contact Information:
Waseda University, Center for Positive/Empirical Analysis of Political Economy
Top Global University project
E-mail: [email protected]

Organizers:Kazumi Shimizu (Economics), Satoru Shimokawa (Economics), Michiko Ueda (Political Science)

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