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International Symposium “Designing Deliberative Democracy: Practices and Experiments”

In recent years, deliberative democracy has been implemented through various ‘practices’ such as citizen deliberative meetings and sortition-based planning cells while many ‘experiments’ have been conducted to understand the effects of deliberation format, composition, and theme in various countries. With this evolution in mind, we organise an International Symposium “Designing Deliberative Democracy: Practices and Experiments” on 18 and 19 February by inviting Professor Kimmo Grönlund (Åbo Akademi University, Finland) and Professor André Bächtiger (Stuttgart University, Germany), the leading scholars in the field of deliberative democracy and democratic innovations. Based on their keynotes, presentations by the professors who have implemented deliberative polls and mini-publics in Japan, and the discussions in the roundtable, the symposium wishes to exchange ideas and thoughts on the status-quos and challenges ahead in practices and experiments of deliberative democracy.

Event details

Date: February 18 (Tues), 2020 from 10:00-17:00 (9:30 Registration open); February 19 (Wed), 2020 from 10:00-16:00
Venue: Building 26 (Okuma Tower) Room 702, Waseda Campus
Programme: Please see below or the following link
Language: English
Participants: Open to all students, faculty members, and the general public
Registration: No registration required
Organiser: Planning committee of the International Symposium “Designing Deliberative Democracy: Practice and Experiments”; Center for Positive/Empirical Analysis of Political Economy, Top Global University Project, Waseda University
Sponsor: Waseda University International Symposium Grant
Co-organiser: Japan Mini-Publics Research Forum
Contacts: Airo Hino, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University at [email protected]


Day 1: February 18, 2020

9:30     Registration open
10:00    Opening Session – Welcome Remarks by Aiji Tanaka (President of Waseda University)
10:20    Keynote Lecture: “Designing Deliberative Mini-publics as Experiments, Experiences from Finland” by Kimmo Grönlund (Åbo Akademi University)
11:10    Coffee Break
11:25    “Lessons of Deliberative Polls in Japan:Impacts on Policy and Democracy” by Yasunori Sone (Keio University)
12:05     Lunch
13:30    Keynote Lecture: “Democratizing Deliberative Democracy: A Critical Appraisal of Empirical Research on Deliberation” by André Bächtiger (Stuttgart University)
14:20    Coffee Break
14:35    “Face-to-face and Online Mini-publics: the Case of Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plants and Local Agreement” by Takashi Nakazawa and Tomoyuki Tatsumi (Shizuoka University)
15:05   “Institutionalization patterns of mini-publics under various political regimes” by Tatsuro Sakano (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
15:45    Coffee Break
16:00    Roundtable: Prospects and Challenges in Designing Deliberative Democracy
Moderator: Airo Hino (Waseda University)
Panelists: Kimmo Grönlund (Åbo Akademi University), André Bächtiger (Stuttgart University), Yasunori Sone (Keio University), and Tatsuro Sakano (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
16:50    Concluding Remarks by Kazumi Shimizu (Waseda University)

Day 2: February 19, 2020

Moderator: Masahisa Endo (Waseda University); Discussant: Kimmo Grönlund (Åbo Akademi University), André Bächtiger (Stuttgart University)
10:00    “A Formal Theory of Democratic Deliberation” by Hun Chung (Waseda University)
10:40    “Project Assessment by Deliberative Democracy-Based Participation in Municipal Government: A Case Study of a Citizen Deliberation Meeting in Shinjuku City” by Motoki Nagano (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
11:20    Coffee Break
11:30    “Pretreatment Effects of Political Conversation on the Deliberative Discussion: Evidence from a Mini-public in Japan” by Tomoya Yokoyama (Kanazawa University)
12:10    Lunch
Moderator: Ikuo Kume (Waseda University); Discussant: Kimmo Grönlund (Åbo Akademi University), André Bächtiger (Stuttgart University)
13:30    “Putting the systemic turn into a systematic test: Evidence from the interactive experiments of the public sphere and mini-publics in Japan” by Airo Hino (Waseda University), Masahisa Endo (Waseda University), Arata Yamazaki (Musashino University), Ryo Chiba (Waseda University)
14:10    Coffee Break
14:20    “Does attitude change with deliberation within or deliberation with? Focusing on knowledge modification” by Kohei Tabei (Waseda University)
15:00    “Do moderators moderate or manipulate the deliberation?” by Taketo Hara (Waseda University)
15:40    Closing Remarks by Airo Hino (Waseda University)

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Building 26 (Okuma Tower) Room 702, Waseda Campus


Fri, 07 Feb 2020

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