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Report on Workshop “International Workshop on the Multi-Phase Flow Analysis, Modeling and Numerics”

The Multiscale Analysis, Modelling and Simulation Model Unit organized “International Workshop on the Multi-Phase Flow; Analysis, Modeling and Numerics” from November 19 through 22, 2019. This four-day track international workshop held at Waseda University focused on biomedical technology and other related topics.

In this workshop, we had several lectures given by researchers from mathematics, computational fluid dynamics, and medical. We invited 21 researchers not only from Japan but from other countries. Each lecturer gives 50-minute talks or 30-minute talks including the introductory lecture for Master course and Ph. D. students. Most of the participants, including young students, enjoyed lively discussions there.

We had very stimulating lectures and exciting discussions during this workshop. We hope all participants enjoyed a four-day track of this international workshop.


“International Workshop on the Multi-Phase Flow Analysis, Modeling and Numerics”


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