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Restructuring the Architecture of International Peacebuilding in the Wake of Global Demographic Changes

The Global Asia Research Center will be holding an open symposium and workshop titled, “Restructuring the Architecture of International Peacebuilding in the Wake of Global Demographic Changes.”

We are facing fundamental demographic changes in the world. There will be a critical rise of non-Christian population (including Muslims, Hindus and atheists) not only as victims of violence but also inhabitants of the Globe. At the same time, non-Western actors such as China, India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia are emerging in the field of peacebuilding.

The existing discussion on hybrid peacebuilding has reminded us the importance of constructing mutually beneficial partnerships between local and external actors. The challenge facing us is how to manage such interactions and to utilise both internal and external transnational resources to enhance the power of locality to advance peace in post-conflict environments in the wake of changing global demography and emerging non-Western peacebuilding actors.

Under such circumstances, how global institutions such as the United Nations should incorporate non-western values, customs, norms and standards into their principles and practice of peacebuilding is questioned. How would the anticipated changes in the global demography affect the power-relations within hybridity? How could we integrate the interests of the Global North, newly emerging powers, and the Global South in the emerging global order? How should the International Peacebuilding Architecture be restructured to meet with these critical changes.

Event Information

  • Date: September 12 and 13, 2019
  • Time: 9:00-17:00
    *A detailed schedule of the event can be found here
  • Venue: Room 1102, 11F Building 26, Waseda Campus
  • Open to students, faculty, staff, and the general public
  • Free admissions, no reservation required
  • Organized by the Global Asia Research Center
  • Contact information: [email protected]
  • 0912





Room 1102, 11F Building 26, Waseda Campus


Wed, 11 Sep 2019

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