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Stanford Program @ Waseda

Waseda University graduate students, undergraduate students, faculty and visiting researchers took advantage of a great opportunity to learn from several visiting professors from the Political Science Department of Stanford University. During the summer quarter of 2019, these professors offered an intensive course, titled “Institutions, Identity and Order,” which followed upon a previous intensive course in the summer of 2017 that was taught by three other Stanford professors of international relations. Both courses were funded by the Positive/Empirical Analysis of Political Economy unit of Waseda’s Top Global University project, and hosted by Waseda’s Graduate School of Political Science.





Waseda Professor Marisa Kellam organized the intensive course in the field of comparative politics. For this course, Stanford professors Anna Grzymala-Busse, Lisa Blaydes, and Jeremy Weinstein each visited Waseda campus for one week. During this intensive course, the professors addressed various themes in political science and discussed the politics of various regions of the world. Professor Grzymala-Busse covered the role of the state, political parties and religion and politics. Professor Blaydes discussed authoritarian regimes, politics of the Middle East, and revolution. In the final week, Professor Weinstein taught students about the breakdown of order and peace-keeping, and also incorporated insights regarding ethnic identity. Students found each week of the course highly engaging.

During their stay at Waseda, the professors held office hours and consulted with various graduate students about their individual research projects. In addition, Professor Weinstein participated as a discussant in a graduate student research workshop on conflict studies. He offered comments on doctoral students’ projects on peace negotiations in the Mindano conflict in the Philippines and on civil war recovery in Aceh and in Liberia. Students also enjoyed hearing about Professor Weinstein’s experiences working for the former President of the United States Barak Obama and at the United Nations

Contingent on funding, the Faculty of Political Science and Economics looks forward to future courses that bring professors from leading universities from around the world to visit the Waseda campus, share their knowledge and interact with Waseda students and faculty.

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