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Takizawa-Tezduyar research collaboration highlighted in Nature Index 2019 JAPAN

The research collaboration between Kenji Takizawa (Professor, Department of Modern Mechanical Engineering, Waseda University) and Tayfun Tezduyar (James F. Barbour Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Rice University and Joint Appointment Professor, Waseda University) was highlighted in Nature Index 2019 Japan.

The article describes how the collaboration started, what its objectives are, and how it was strengthened by the joint appointment of Tezduyar as a Waseda Professor. Takizawa and Tezduyar started working together in 2004 when Takizawa was PhD student at Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Tezduyar was a visiting professor there. Both Takizawa and Tezduyar found their research interaction intellectually gratifying and continued the interaction with Takizawa joining Tezduyar’s research group as a research scientist from 2007 to 2011. The interaction became intense during that period and became even more intense after Takizawa joined Waseda as a faculty member. Joint-appointment professorship of Tezduyar at Waseda made their collaboration even stronger.

They are working on computational analysis of practical, challenging problems that no one else, or very few people, in the world can solve. Currently, they are focusing on problems ranging from Orion spacecraft parachutes to wind turbines, from patient-specific-cerebral aneurysms to heart valves, from thermos-fluid analysis of ground vehicles and tires to turbocharger turbines and exhaust manifolds. It was a great coincidence that the research collaboration was highlighted in Nature Index almost exactly 15 years after the collaboration started.

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