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IMDEA-Waseda Joint Workshop

The Unit for Energy and Nanomaterials organized a joint workshop on energy and nanomaterials with IMDEA Materials Institute on February 4, 2019, which is a non-profit research center promoted by the Regional Government of Madrid, Spain.

IMDEA project was founded in 2006 on purpose of promoting advanced research higher education with a half of the regional government budget for science and technology promotion. IMDEA institutes were set up in seven strategic areas for the society of Madrid from a business, scientific and technological point of view: water, diet, energy, materials, nanoscience, networks and software. Each institute is independent. IMDEA Materials does research in material science and engineering, and collaborating with companies aiming at technology transfer to industry. IMDEA Materials also makes an effort to develop talents in higher education, providing supervision to master and PhD students in cooperation with universities in Madrid.

This time researchers were invited from not only IMDEA Materials Institute but also from IMDEA Energy Institute.  The latest research topics on photovoltaic, multiscale modelling strategies to discover new materials, carbon nanotubes, smart grid and power supply system were introduced. Participants including graduate students actively discussed these topics.

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