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Seminar “Mind the Gap! Mass-Elite Discrepancies in Old and New Democracies”

Date and time: 16:30-18:00, February 5 (Tue), 2019
Venue: Room 402, Building #26,  Waseda Campus
Audience: Students, faculty members, and the general public
Participation: No registration required
Language: English
Speaker: Jaemin Shim (Research Fellow, German Institute of Global And Area Studies, Hamburg)
Title: Mind the Gap! Mass-Elite Discrepancies in Old and New Democracies

The topic of elite-citizen policy discrepancies is timely in both old and new democracies for two key reasons: 1) the impact of policy differences between the elite and masses has become salient, e.g. the EU membership referendum in the UK; and 2) party politics are increasingly influenced by non-socioeconomic cleavages, e.g. socio-cultural and foreign policy issues. As part of cross-regional group initiative, the primary purpose of this project is to advance our understanding of representation gap conceptually, methodologically, and theoretically. During the workshop, I will show that mass-elite discrepancies have been embedded in numerous old and new democracies and demonstrate why both quantitative (e.g. different degrees) and qualitative (structure, timing, and sub-components) aspects of discrepancies need to be investigated simultaneously. Moreover, based on a meta-analysis of both issue congruence and political cleavage literature (100 and 250 empirical works respectively), I will examine individual, party, historical, and system-level causes behind mass-elite discrepancies on key political divisions around the globe.

Short bio:
Dr. Jaemin Shim received DPhil in Politics at the University of Oxford and studies party politics and welfare states in Northeast Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. He is now serving as a workshop director of “Convergence versus Divergence of Mass-Elite Political Cleavages: Conceptual, Methodological, and Theoretical Innovations” in ECPR.

Hosted by: Top Global University Project, Center for Positive/Empirical Analysis of Political Economy
Organizer: Masahisa Endo (Associate Professor, the Faculty of Social Sciences, Waseda University, [email protected])

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Room 402, Building #26, Waseda Campus


Tue, 22 Jan 2019

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