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“International Issue in Sport Management” by Dr. Kevin Filo of Griffith University

Dr. Kevin Filo, associate professor of Griffith University, taught an intensive course as a visiting lecturer for a month. Dr. Filo specializes in the areas of synergy between sport and charity, sport events, community sport and fundraising, and sport and social media. At Griffith University, he teaches courses on sport marketing, event marketing and sponsorship, sport consumer behavior, and sport business environments.

The course was on the broad topic of global issue, but this became a great opportunity for students to understand sport management from a multifaceted perspective and learn about its global standards.

In the first course, everyone introduced themselves, and even Dr. Filo was surprised to learn about the students’ international backgrounds.

For students, the course schedule which required concentration may have been tough, but the attendance rate was high, and engaging discussions as well as Q&As took place. A one-way lecturing was no longer than approximately 15 minutes, and Dr. Filo made sure to allocate time for students to exchange opinions with their peers nearby whenever he was finished talking about a topic of a specific point. Though there were times when the students used Japanese among themselves, the language of communication was English for most of the time.

The way Dr. Filo would answer any question a student had with concrete examples linked to the topic in discussion that day or the way he would join students and express his opinions during discussions was an exemplary of a friendly teacher.

With students in Waseda from all over the world

As a unique assignment, students were required to submit a three-minute vodcast, a podcast which contains video content, once during the session of the course. Specifically, students presented news on their topic, provided academic evidence, and shared their opinions, whether they agreed or disagreed with their findings.

Students selected topics for the vodcast either from a list Dr. Filo had compiled, or on a topic of their choice in sports. Though this was the first attempt of its kind for students, they were able to complete the assignment comparatively at ease because they were able to see an example of a vodcast via video.

There were multiple choice problems and a writing section in the exam, and students had to write about topics they had discussed in class (such as women’s participation in sports) using various keywords.

At the end of the course, Dr. Filo gave each student detailed feedback. He also gave comments on the vodcast submitted by students, and the positive feedback which links to brushing up on how to use their new tool proved beneficial to students.

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