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Presentation at the 4th World Social Science Forum

The 2018 World Social Science Forum was held at the Fukuoka Convention Center on September 25 – 28 under the main theme of “Security and Equality of Sustainable Futures.” The event, which was held in the Asian region for the first time, was organized by the International Science Council, the Science Council of Japan, and Kyushu University, and cosponsored by the Japan Science and Technology Agency.

On the first day of the forum, now in its fourth year, the opening ceremony was held in the presence of His Imperial Highness Prince and Princess, and sessions on the world’s pressing issue of securing a peace of mind, safety, and a standard of living were held. Professors Aiji Tanaka and Yasuyuki Todo, and Associate Professors Satoru Shimokawa and Marisa Kellam, who are members of the Waseda University Top Global University Project’s Positive/Empirical Analysis of Political Economy Unit, presented the session “Security for a Sustainable Future: Perspectives from Positive/Political Economy” as the Waseda University Consortium. Furthermore, Masaaki Higashiyama of Tohoku University, an up-and-coming Polimetrician who was previously a researcher at the Waseda Institute of Advanced Study, also participated in this session as a guest presenter in line with the session’s purpose.

To learn more about the program, details are available here.


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