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“Exercise Physiology and Biochemistry” Lecture by Dr. Zsolt Radak of Hungarian University of Physical Education

From August 6 to 10, Dr. Zsolt Radak of the Hungarian University of Physical Education, who is currently visiting the Graduate School of Sport Sciences, taught a summer intensive course on exercise physiology and biochemistry. This course covered both the classical and latest knowledge on the effects of acute and regular exercises as well as physical activities on the human body.

The Faculty of Sport Sciences has strengthened its partnership with the Hungarian University of Physical Education over the years. Dr. Zsolt Radak’s visit, which included holding lectures and educational guidance, is expected to further develop the academic exchange between the two universities.

Dr. Zsolt Radak

In the classroom

Course description from the syllabus

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are important to exercise-induced adaptation. The present course is going to focus on this, emphasizing the role of acute and regular exercise, aging, and organ specificity, especially skeletal muscle and brain. We will discuss the involvement of ROS in aging, mitochondrial biogenesis, muscle soreness and diseases prevention.

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