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Co-authorship paper of Prof. Niside and JA faculty member has been published on “Energy & Environmental Science (IF 29.518)”

Co-authorship paper with PhD student supervised by JA professor

Professor Nishide and joint appointment (JA) professor, Bjorn  Winther-Jensen published a joint paper,”Light-assisted electrochemical water-splitting at very low bias voltage using metal-free polythiophene as photocathode at high pH in a full-cell setup” on “Energy & Environmental Science”.

This paper’s first author is a PhD student who has been receiving supervison form above mentioned two professors. This is one of the biggest achievements brought by over three years unit’s educational and research activities.

Peer-reviewed scientific journal “Energy & Environmental Science”

“Energy & Environmental Science” is an internationally well-known journal published by the Royal Society of Chemistry. The journal covers interdisciplinary research in field of biochemical and biophysical sciences and chemical engineering. Its latest impact factor is 29.518 (2016).  The journal’s impact factor has been increasing rapidly in past several years reflected importance of its research fields.


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