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”Formulating an International Academic Network in Health and Exercise Science” 

On March 1 and 2, the Health Promotion: The Joy of Sport and Exercise Unit organized an international symposium on how to formulate a global academic network in health and exercise science. Held respectively at the Higashifushimi and Tokorozawa campuses, the symposium was attended by 12 faculty members and 26 students from abroad in addition to the 33 faculty members and 54 students from Waseda (125 people in total).

The symposium focused on policies for facilitating academic exchange, such as student and faculty exchanges, and improving the quality of education at higher education institutions. The new English-based Master’s degree program, starting in September 2018 at the Graduate School of Sport Sciences, was also publicized.

DAY I :March  1st, 2018  at Higashifushimi Campus

On the first day of the symposium, Dr. Hirotaka Matsuoka of Waseda University (Japan), Dr. Michael Chia of Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), Dr. Shih-Hua Fang of the National Taiwan University of Sport (Taiwan), Dr. Young-Hoo Kwon of Texas Woman’s University (USA), Dr. Yu Liu of Shanghai University of Sport (China), Dr. Siriporn Sasimontonkul of Kasetsart University (Thailand), and Dr. Stefan Schneider of German Sport University Cologne (Germany) gave presentations on the curriculum and diploma policy in their country. Afterwards, Dr. Zhen-Bo Cao of Shanghai University of Sport and Dr. Keita Kamijo of Waseda headed a panel discussion on the unique features as well as the similarities and differences in the curriculum and diploma policy among the presenters’ countries.

Additionally, participants were divided into three groups to exchange information on subdivision of subjects and subjects constituting the curriculum for one of the following fields of biomechanics, psychology, and physiology. The discussions for each group were led by Waseda University professors: Dr. Toshimasa Yanai for biomechanics, Dr. Hiroaki Masaki for psychology, and Dr. Masashi Miyashita for physiology.

DAY II March 2nd, 2018 at Tokorozawa Campus

On the second day, there was a poster presentation session where 23 research projects were presented. In addition to a few faculty members, the students who presented their research selected the best poster presentation. As a result, Li-Lun Chuang from Kaohsiung Medical University (Taiwan) and Kyoko Kashiwabara from Waseda were awarded the Outstanding Poster Presentation Award. By having students evaluate their peers’ posters, lively discussions took place, and graduate students from Waseda and overseas universities engaged in international exchange, becoming a stimulating experience.

There were also laboratory exercises in the three groups of biomechanics, psychology, and physiology on the second day. This was not only a simple introduction to the research facilities but also an introduction to education and research policies, along with each laboratory’s research fields and methodologies. The laboratory exercises also became an opportunity to promote academic and research exchanges with overseas universities.

The exchanges at the symposium will be helpful in realizing student exchange programs and credit transfers with overseas universities in the future. Moreover, the faculty members were able to gain new ideas on how to offer quality education, and the students learned about how classes are conducted in different universities in various countries, building anticipation for the new English-based Master’s degree program to be launched this September.

Through activities such as this symposium, the Unit hopes to continue being an international hub and drive internationalization in education and research.


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