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Special Lecture:”From Memories to Inductively Derived Views: A Constructive Approach”

On February 1, the TGU Center for Positive/Empirical Analysis of Political Economy and Waseda Institute of Political Economy (WINPEC) co-hosted a seminar by Jeffery J. Kline, associate professor at the University of Queensland’s School of Economics, entitled, “From Memories to Inductively Derived Views: A Constructive Approach.”

The seminar was on induction itself, a key concept in inductive game theory. Discussions on induction had previously been focused on its outcomes, but the seminar discussed the inductive process itself. This helped clarify the inference of induction and lead to discussions on examples of practical applications. Participants of the seminar eagerly asked questions, and foundational discussions took place. The seminar was fruitful for all those involved.

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