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University of Bordeaux’s Dean of Sport Sciences visited Faculty of Sport Sciences

From Bordeaux, France, a region celebrated for wine, Associate Professor Julien Morlier and Mr. Alexandre Ducom of the University of Bordeaux came to Waseda University’s Faculty of Sport Sciences for a visit on November 22.

Dr. Morlier specializes in biomechanics and currently serves as the Dean of the Faculty of Sport Sciences, as well as the Physical Education and as the Coordinator of High Performance Sport. At the Faculty, he has created the technological platform of human motor skills analysis and has launched the Master’s degree in human motor performance.

Dr. Morlier and Mr. Ducom visited facilities at the Higashifushimi Campus and the cafeteria and laboratories at the Tokorozawa Campus, places that serve undergraduate and graduate students in sport sciences at Waseda. In addition, they discussed with Waseda’s sport science faculty members, and found the similarities between the two universities, in terms of research areas and student size, which helped build anticipation for academic and research exchange with establishing an international joint supervision program in mind for the future.













(From the left)

Alexandre Ducom, Research and Interdisciplinary Program Coordinator at the Initiative of Excellence, University of Bordeaux

Associate Professor Julien Morlier, Dean of the Faculty of Sport Sciences and Physical Education and the Coordinator of High Performance Sport, University of Bordeaux

Professor Jun Tsuchiya, Senior Dean of the Faculty of Sport Sciences, Waseda University

Professor Hiroaki Masaki, Director of Waseda Institute for Sport Sciences, Waseda University



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