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“Utilitarian approach in healthy exercises” by Dr. Zdenko Reguli of Masaryk University

At the Graduate School of Sport Sciences, Associate Professor Zdenko Reguli of Masaryk University in the Czech Republic is now teaching an intensive course in English titled “Utilitarian approach in healthy exercises.”

The main topic of this course is to study how to engage children and adults in physical activities through utilitarian exercises, which aims for the well-being of people in harmony with nature, society, and their surroundings. Utilitarian exercises help control movement in daily life and prevent injuries through learning natural movements, manipulation with objects, self-preservation, and self-defense. The purpose of this course is to discuss the role of physical exercise and sports, not only for maximizing performance but to promote healthy lifestyles.

A student in the course says that he was able to broaden his perspective through Dr. Reguli’s course, especially because he could learn about how Western cultures think of exercise and sports. “Whenever I asked Dr. Reguli questions, he would go beyond just explaining the meaning of a word in English and talk about its Latin or Greek origin. This helped me not only understand the subject better but experience firsthand the excitement of academia. Also, explanations cited from thoughts of Western philosophers, such as Jeremy Bentham, which theoretically support this class are very insightful.”

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