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【TGU Positive/Empirical Analyses of Political Economy】Special Lecture: “Publishing Experimental Papers.”

On February 27th,2017, TGU Center for Positive/Empirical Analyses of Political Economy at Waseda University hosted a lecture “Publishing Experimental Papers.” held by Professor Charles Noussair from the University of Arizona.

Professor Noussair is one of the most famous researchers in experimental economics. He is the chief editor of Experimental Economics.

Professor Noussair visits Waseda University almost every year and gives encouraging lectures for graduate students and young scholars.

This time, he talked about practical and scientific know-hows on carrying out experimental studies and publishing papers based on his experiences as an editor.

Publishing a paper is difficult. In his lecture, Professor Noussair showed how to address such difficulties. For example, he talked about strategies for choosing topics, journals, and co-authors. He also showed the real review and revising processes, and some effective strategies for approaching these processes.

This lecture motivated every participant and provided them an opportunity to learn how to publish papers.DSC01342 - 繧ウ繝斐・

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