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[ANNOUNCEMENT]Universities in Global Society: Framework of Education for Prospective Global Leaders

International Symposium
Universities in Global Society: Framework of Education for Prospective Global Leaders

[Date & Time] January 23, 2017 (Mon), 14:30–17:30
[Venue] Okuma Small Auditorium
[Language] English and Japanese (simultaneous interpretation will be provided)
[Registration Fee]Free of charge
[Contact][email protected]
[Prospective Listeners]Graduate and Undergraduate students, University faculties and staffs and other
To participate, fill out the application form available here


This symposium will focus on international collaboration in education and research and introduce global initiatives at Waseda University. Part 1 will be an overview of Waseda University’s global engagement strategies. This part will also include invited talks on global engagement strategies by representatives from three universities overseas, which have structured new educational frameworks for the Top Global University project (TGU). Part 2 will look at specific cases in the joint appointment system and the joint supervision program, which were established with the University’s aim to implement a joint degree program in the future. Moreover, doctoral students who have received education and research guidance abroad, as well as respective faculty members from their partner institutions, will share their experiences on these frameworks.


Part 1: Strategies for Global Engagement

  • 14:30 Opening Address by Professor Shuji Hashimoto, Senior Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost, Waseda University
  • 14:35 Welcome Speech by Ms. Mizue Shiomi, Director, Higher Education Policy Planning Division, Higher Education Bureau, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)
  • 14:45 Plenary Talk “Waseda University’s Global Engagement Strategies” by Professor Norimasa Morita, Vice President for International Affairs, Waseda University
  • 14:55 Invited Talk 1 “Monash University, International Networks and Overseas Campuses” by Professor Zlatko Skrbis, Vice-Provost, Monash University
  • 15:10 Invited Talk 2 “Faculty and Student Mobility of Korea University” by Professor Dong Hoon Choi, Vice President, Korea University
  • 15:25 Invited Talk 3 “Co-supervision Program with Overseas Universities” by Professor Andreas Zimmer, Vice Rector, University of Bonn
  • 15:40 Break

Part 2: International Collaboration for Future Global Leaders

  • 15:55 Plenary Talk “Expectations of Industrial Sectors toward Waseda’s Prospective Global Leaders” by Dr. Yoshihiko Nagasato, Chairman, Sub-committee on Industry-Academia-Government Cooperation, Committee on New Industry and Technology, Japan Business Federation
  • 16:10 Waseda University’s Efforts 1 “Efforts and Challenges in Borderless Education and Research through Joint Appointments and Joint Supervision” by Professor Hiroyuki Nishide, Leader of the Energy and Nanomaterials Unit, Waseda University
  • 16:25 Waseda University’s Efforts 2 “Joint Appointment Faculty Activities at Waseda University” by Associate Professor Francesco Greco (JA), Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) and Professor Vladimir Georgiev (JA), University of Pisa
  • 16:45 Waseda University’s Efforts 2 “International Collaboration Strategies in the Empirical Analyses of Political Economy Unit” by Professor Aiji Tanaka, Leader of the Empirical Analyses of Political Economy Unit, Waseda University
  • 17:00 Doctoral Student Experiences “Joint Research Guidance at IIT, University of Chicago, University of Bonn and Korea University” by Mr. Kento Yamagishi, Mr. Ryo Kato, Mr. Satoru Wakabayashi, and Mr. Shunsuke Kawano from Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering
  • 17:20 Closing Address by Professor Seishi Sato, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Waseda University


Organizer: TGU Steering Conference, Waseda University
Co-Organizer: Leading Graduate Program in Science and Engineering, Waseda University (Funded from the Program for Leading Graduate Schools, MEXT) / Three Dimensional Development of Lab-Exchange type Biomedical Science Research Consortium, Waseda University(Funded from Core-to-Core Program, JSPS)


You can see the program pdf from here.

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