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【TGU Empirical Analyses of Political Economy】The first cohort graduates from the Essex Summer School in Waseda Program

The University of Essex in the United Kingdom and the Center for Empirical Analyses of Political Economy at Waseda University co-organized the “Essex Summer School at Waseda University” from July 25 to August 5, 2016.

This year, the summer school offered the course “Maximum Likelihood” that was entirely taught in English and designed for the graduate students in the social sciences who had completed intermediate statistics and regression analysis. Enrolled students were not only from political science but also from a wider range of disciplines such as economics and communication studies.


Dr. Daina Chiba

The course was taught by Dr. Daina Chiba (the Department of Government at the University of Essex) whose research interests include areas of militarized conflict, international institutions, and political methodology.

In this course, students learned how to build a statistical model to explain the variation of a categorical (binary, ordinal, nominal) dependent variable. They commented that the language programming skills they have acquired will benefit them in their research. Upon completion, the students received a certificate from the University of Essex.

More detailed information on the course can be found here:

A reception was held on August 5th to celebrate the successful completion of the program. Dr. Chiba and Professor Aiji Tanaka, the head of the Center for Empirical Analysis of Political Economy, gave their remarks at the beginning. Professor Tanaka said, “The University of Essex offers the richest summer program in Europe, and it is a privilege for students to be able to experience this kind of methodological education at Waseda University. I hope all students enjoyed such privilege and should be proud of being the first cohort.”

Towards the end of the reception, each of the students gave a short speech about the course. One student said, “I am studying international relations, and researchers in my discipline frequently deal with binary variables in studies such as the formation of alliances and occurrence of war. Also, we need to be familiar with survival analysis, for example, when we study the duration of peace. Although I am conducting case studies now, I want to use statistical data analysis tools in my future research. I am honored to attend this class.”

The Center for Empirical Analyses of Political Economy is one of the six model units of the Waseda Goes Global Plan selected by the Top Global University Project. The Center hopes to expand and continue this program annually.


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