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【TGU Health Promotion:The Joy of Sports and Exercise】Sports science researchers from around the world gather to discuss talent identification, biomechanics research, and other developments in sports

On March 4, Waseda University’s Health Promotion: The Joy of Sports and Exercise initiative, supported by the MEXT Top Global University Project (TGU) and led by Professor Kazuyuki Kanosue (Faculty of Sport Sciences), hosted its second international symposium at Higashifushimi Campus. The symposium featured guest lectures by international researchers, presentations on education and research projects, and poster presentations by graduate students.


Professor Kazuyuki Kanosue

Guest lecturers included Dr. Jinxia Dong, Professor at Peikin University, who discussed developments on behavioral cognitive therapy that integrates computer games and designed for children with ADHD. The other guest lecturer, Dr. Tobias Vogt, Visiting Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Sport Sciences, presented developments in neurobehavioral research that reveals beneficial effects of exercise on mental health such as cognitive functions and mood.

In the morning Project Session, Dr. David Pease (Australian Institute of Sport) presented on applied biomechanics research conducted at his home institution, Dr. Kotomi Shiota (Waseda University) on the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, and Dr. Akiko Arai (Waseda University) on brand management in sports.


In the afternoon Project Session, Dr. Taisuke Kinugasa (Japan Sport Council), Dr. Clare Humberstone (Australian Institute of Sport), and Dr. Arne Gullich (University of Kaiserslautern) gave individual presentations on identifying and training talent and participated in a panel discussion where they spoke about systematic differences in their respective countries.


Dr. Arne Gullich (University of Kaiserslautern)

In the poster presentation session, domestic and international researchers gave 37 research presentations. Hiroshi Soga (Waseda University), Keiji Ota (Tokyo University), Che-Hsien Chian (Kaohsiung Medical University), and Chang LIU (Waseda University) received honorable mentions for their research. Winners of the Graduate School of Sport Sciences’ Best Paper Award and Hamano Yoshio Academic Awards also gave presentations. These sessions provided invaluable opportunities for young researchers from around the world to engage in lively discussions, and interact and learn from one another.

To promote further international research collaboration within the field of sports sciences, Waseda University is committed to creating opportunities for international collaboration within its undergraduate and postgraduate schools.

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