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Regarding the University’s Policy and Initiative for Collecting Information related to Gender

Based on considerations for sexual minorities, the policy that the University should evaluate the “necessity to collect information related to gender” on campus has been determined.

For sexual minorities, information about gender is intertwined with one’s personal dignity, values, and way of life. Acknowledging that every instance of collecting this information inflicts psychological trauma, the University is evaluating the documentation to be submitted by students, faculty, and staff. If the collection of this information is deemed to be unnecessary, the section used to identify respondents’ “sex” will be removed.

Following a full evaluation, the University will disclose a list of documentation which, based on rational reasons (see below), will continue to collect information about gender due to unavoidable circumstances.

Since 2017, the University has stopped listing “sex” on attendance records. Now, with this next step, the University is further advancing its initiatives.

Examples of Rational Collection of Information About Gender

  1.  Collection of information about gender with regards to the use of gender-specific facilities or equipment
  2.  Collection of information about gender used for medical purposes
  3.  Collection of information about gender required by documentation from external institutions
  4. Collection of information about gender used to spur “positive action” that eliminates existing instances of sexual discrimination (discrimination and inequality between men and women), by clarifying disparities and identifying issues in the treatment of men and women
  5. Collection of information about gender used for academic research
  6. Collection of information about gender used for social surveys and the creation of statistical materials
  7. Collection of information about gender in situations where it is deemed to be rational and reasonable
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