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【Jan. 30 (Thu)】Workshop to consider Work-Life Balance at the FPSE

Workshop to consider Work-Life Balance at the FPSE

How about thinking about work-life balance, which is important for researchers to consider in their own career development? First, the two speakers will introduce their experiences, focusing in particular on a comparison of the research and social environments surrounding academics in Japan and the U.S. Next, the workshop participants will share their own opinions, problems and worries they are facing with regards to work-life balance in a cozy atmosphere with coffee. Through this discussion, the various current issues affecting the balance of research/teaching activities and family life should be addressed, and participants should gain tips for improving or solving such issues.


  • Title:Workshop to consider Work-Life Balance at the FPSE
  • Date and time:2 pm – 4 pm, January 30 (Thu), 2020

・2:00 pm-3:00 pm Presentations by Prof. KELLAM and Prof. KURIZAKI
・3:00 pm-4:00 pm               Discussion session among participants

  • Venue:ICC (Intercultural Communication Center), 1st floor of building 3
  • Language:English and Japanese
  • Expected Participants:Students, Faculty, Staff, and Researchers of Waseda University
  • Fee:Free
  • Registration: via MyWaseda application form(Click here!)
  • Speakers(Adviser):

Prof. Marisa KELLAM from the Faculty of Political Science and Economics

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Prof. Shuhei KURIZAKI from the Faculty of Political Science and Economics

※MC:Prof. Kohei KAWAMURA from the FPSE

  • Organized by the Office for Promotion of Equality and Diversity
  • Co-organized by the Faculty of Political Science and Economics and the ICC
  • Supported by the Career Center

Message from Prof. Marisa KELLAM

Originally from California, I have been working at Waseda since 2013. In this workshop, I would like to compare my experiences at Waseda with my previous position as a tenure-track assistant professor at Texas A&M University, focusing on my pursuit of work-life balance during my academic career. I will also share my experience of having worked in the same department as my husband in my current and previous positions.  We may have equal work responsibilities but that does not translate to equivalent approaches to the work-life balance.


Message from Prof. Shuhei KURIZAKI

After graduating from a college in Tokyo, I went through UCLA, Harvard and Texas A&M as a student, pre-doc fellow, and assistant professor before coming to Waseda six years ago.  All along from UCLA, having two positions for my wife and myself was a major consideration for our career choices. My own strategy in this endeavor is simple: I work with 60% of my effort level.  To maximize time I get to spend with my family, while fully enjoying my academic career, I strive to raise my efficacy level to 150% of my peer, so my productivity level remains at 150% × 60% = 90%.  At the workshop, I hope to share my story about what this strategy does to me from the US-Japan comparative perspective.  You will probably hear a completely different story from my wife on this.


<To those who need special accommodation>
Please inform us of your desired support for attending 3 weeks prior to the event by email if you need for special consideration. After due consultation, we will provide the necessary and reasonable accommodation as much as we can.

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ICC (Intercultural Communication Center), 1st floor of building 3


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