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Introduction of Women Researchers’ Mentoring System for All the Faculties at Waseda University

The Women Researchers’ Mentoring System was established as part of the work-life balance support that Waseda University provides women researchers who are in the early stages of their career, and since February 2018, this system has been expanded in scope to encompass all the faculties at the university.

Through face-to-face conversation (mentoring), the senior researchers at the university (mentors) who possess a wealth of expertise and professional experience, will help their juniors who are in early stages of their careers (mentees) so that they can find solutions to their career-formation-related or research place-related issues and concerns.

Those interested in asking questions to and receiving advice from experienced researchers are encouraged to utilize this system.

If you have any other questions, please contact the the Office for Promotion of Equality and Diversity by e-mail to:【[email protected]】.

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