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Start of Assistive Device Lending to Hearing-Impaired Persons

computer-generated subtitling set

Hearing-impaired persons attending meetings of university associations and other events require assistance such as sign language interpretation and computer-generated subtitling. The general term for this type of support is “information assurance,” and as a rule it is up to the event organizer to arrange it. In order to lessen the burden, at least somewhat, of information assurance, we are lending a “computer-generated subtitling set” in which all the devices required for computer-generated subtitling service are put together, since May 2018. This set can be used in conjunction with a separately arranged computer-generated subtitle provider (facilitator) to enable information assurance at university association meetings and other events. We would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation for this service to ensure greater opportunities for participation by hearing-impaired persons.

Those wishing to use these devices should contact [email protected] (joint address of the Office for Promotion of Equality and Diversity and Office for Students with Disabilities).

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