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GITI places priority in two points as listed below, and is collaborating with not only domestic universities but also international universities and industries to promote such research activities.

Advanced Technology and International Standard

International standardization of technology and regulations of the Internet have rapidly advanced, enabling reliable information exchanges between devices and software. Devices that do not use standard specifications cannot exchange information with other devices even if they are connected to the network. As a result, only devices following the specifications will survive. The intellectual property rights such as ‘Patent’ are deeply related to such standard specifications. In the information and telecommunications field, the company that has the patent to the technology necessary to achieve the standard can maintain a great advantage in the global competition.

Since GITI consists of many researchers with rich experience in the international standardization of the information and telecommunication technology, we can promptly and flexibly respond to the needs of business in the field concerned.

Globalization of Content Production and Distribution

In the Internet related fields, contents business is expected to be the most promising business in the future. Traditional contents distribution using traditional media such as books, CDs’ and DVDs’, have gradually shifted to distributing contents via online. In consequence, as can be seen in online shopping and games, new contents businesses using Internet are growing and expanding rapidly. The characteristic of these new contents businesses is that the contents go beyond borders and distributed instantaneously around the world. Thus, when distributing contents via Internet, we will be required to take into account of adopting contents or expressions that could work in various countries and regions. In another words, “Globalization of Contents” will be required in the future.

Anticipating such age to come, GITI has been aggressively involved in researches of globalization of contents development and distribution.


GITI aims to conduct cutting edge researches collaborating with international academic societies and industries, and develops young researchers in following items.

  • Research on next generation network for ubiquitous information environment from the information communication system perspective.
  • Research on data structure of multimedia contents and its distribution on global network from the information science perspective.
  • Research on contents and advanced creation and production techniques from the viewpoint of communication arts.
  • Research on contents recognition and understanding from the perspective of human science.
  • Research on the social impact of the development of information communication systems from the social science perspective.

Through these researches, GITI will contribute to the realization of a prosperous and advanced information-telecommunications society.

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