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YOSHIDA Masahiro, Associate Professor

Research Interests

Applied Microeconomics, Labor Economics, Urban Economics with interest in technology and innovation

Academic Degrees

Ph.D. in Economics, Washington University in St. Louis, 2020

Short Bio

I am an empirical economist who studies the economic interactions of labor and technological shift, especially automation. My research field encompasses the intersection of micro-/macro- labor economics, applied microeconomics and urban economics with an emphasis on policy application. I reveal the aggregate implications and uncover the underlying mechanisms using the frameworks deeply rooted in economic theory, and employing micro-econometrics to both micro- and aggregate data.

My methodology is to carefully determine and adopt the best approach, according to the requirements of the research questions. I have learned a variety of frameworks and tools from different schools that facilitates multiple, in-depth angles of analysis. In my dissertation, I use a structural approach to comprehensively assess the mechanism of automation and run policy experiments. In my second paper, “The Effect of Low-skilled Immigration on Robotization”, I have used a quasi-experimental approach, including a natural experiment regarding the Mariel Boatlift from Cuba and an instrumental variable strategy, to empirically establish a causal link of interest. In my earlier work, I performed a laboratory experiment to obtain a real negotiation dataset of 80 students to test a simple theory using the bargaining model.


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