Constructing Open Political-Economic Systems
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Each of GLOPE's three research teams holds workshops on relevant topics that are open to all interested scholars regardless of academic affiliation.

Date Title Presentations and Discussions
2006/4/28 Workshop on Social Theory Takeshi Onimaru, "The International Communist Movement in Asia and the Security System of the British Empire in the Interwar Period"
2006/5/24 GLOPE General Workshop Akira Sadahiro, "A Macroeconomic Analysis of the Postwar Japanese Economy"
2006/5/26 Experimental Studies on the Labor Market Fumihiko Hiruma, Bram Cadsby, and Fei Song
2006/6/14.16 Design of Matching Markets M. Utku Unver, 1. "Two-Sided Matching Markets," 2. "Discrete Resource Allocation with and without Property Rights"
2006/6/15 Thursday Workshop on Contemporary Economics <jointly with IRCPEA> M. Utku Unver, "Kidney Exchange with Good Samaritan Donors: A Characterization"
2006/6/22 Thursday Workshop on Contemporary Economics <jointly with TCER> Hideki Konishi, "Size and Finance of Social Security: A Political-Economic Approach"
2006/6/24 Idea Team Workshop Freedom and Violence in Open Political-Economic Systems, Ryuichi Yamaoka and Takao Tani
2006/6/29 Thursday Workshop on Contemporary Economics <jointly with TCER> Satoshi Koibuchi, "The Impacts of 'Shock Therapy' on Large and Small Clients: Experiences from Two Large Bank Failures in Japan"
2006/7/6 Thursday Workshop on Contemporary Economics <jointly with TCER> Tomomi Miyazaki, "A Political-Economic Approach to Fiscal Restructuring: An Empirical Analysis of OECD Countries"
2006/7/6 Survey Research: The Importance of Interviews Marc Swyngedouw, "Lecture on Interview Training to Improve Response Rates and Data Quality"
2006/7/7 East Asian Integration Is Quietly Proceeding Kent Calder and Min Ye
2006/7/13 Between Pluralism and Multiculturalism Rodney Barker and Paul Kelly
2006/7/14 Teaching Political Science Paul Kelly, Rodney Barker, and Masakatsu Otsuka
2006/7/14 Workshop on Social Theory Verity Burgmann, "Australian Wobblies in the History of the Global Radical Labor Movement"
2006/7/14 Thursday Workshop on Contemporary Economics <jointly with IRCPEA and TCER> Yu Tongshen, "Asymmetry in International Financial and Monetary System and the Probability of the Emergence of the 'Syndrome of Ever Higher Yuan'"
2006/7/15.18 Political Economy and the Welfare State in Advanced Capitalist Democracies Harold Wilensky, 1. "Political Economy, Public Policy, and Performance: Explaining Similarities and Differences among 19 Rich Democracies," 2. "Is There a Welfare State Crisis?"
2006/7/20 Thursday Workshop on Contemporary Economics <jointly with IRCPEA and TCER> Naoki Murakami, "Efficiency, Productivity, and Ownership of Chinese Enterprises"
2006/7/26 GLOPE General Workshop Masazumi Wakatabe, "Why Did Adam Smith Publish The Wealth of Nations?"
2006/7/27 Thursday Workshop on Contemporary Economics <jointly with IRCPEA and TCER> Yoichi Hizen, "Imposing a Lower Bound on Voter Turnout"
2006/9/1 Seminar on the Chinese Economy Han Bing, "The Problem of Non-Performing Loans in China's State-Owned Commercial Banks: Problems and Challenges"
2006/9/16   Yukihiko Funaki, "A Primeval Game and Its Solution"
2006/9/30 Symposium on Japan-China Economic Relations <jointly with COE-CAS and IRCPEA> Yu Yang, Yu Xingdi, and Zhao Dasheng
2006/10/25   Keiko Ishii, "Culture and the Frontier Spirit: Is Hokkaido the North America of Japan?"
2006/11/9 Thursday Workshop on Contemporary Economics Naohito Abe, "Earnings and Hours Changes and the Covariance Structure"
2006/11/16 Thursday Workshop on Contemporary Economics >jointly with IRCPEA< Tadashi Sekiguchi, "Pricing of Network Goods and Dynamic Coordination by Consumers"
2006/11/20 GLOPE Workshop on "Disease Dynamics and Economic Growth," Rodney Smith, "South African HIV Prevalence Dynamics and Economic Growth"
2006/11/22.24 Graduate Student Special Seminar Rodney Smith, 1. "Growth Modeling: Theory and Application" 2. "Growth Modeling: Application and Coding"
2006/11/24 Cultural Conditions in an Open Political-Economic Society Dealing with Anxiety, Compassion, and Fanaticism, Hirotaka Inoue, Keita Shimamoto, and Kazuya Omote
2006/11/28   Jochen Prantl, "Why States Act through Formal International Organizations: A Reassessment"
2006/11/30 Thursday Workshop on Contemporary Economics Yukiko Abe, "The Effects of the 1.03 Million Yen Ceiling in a Dynamic Labor Supply Model"
2006/12/7   Holger Meinhardt, "A Dual Pre-Kernel Representation Based on the Fenchel-Moreau Conjugation of the Characteristic Function"
2006/12/16   John E. Roemer, "A Dynamic Analysis of Sustainability"
2006/12/20.21 Cross Section Analysis and Panel Data Analysis Daiji Kawaguchi, 1. "Cross Section Analysis: OLS and IV," 2. "Panel Data Analysis"
2007/1/13   Tetsuya Uchiki, "Simulation as an Analytical Method of Political Economy"
2007/1/13 Frontiers of Open Micro-Economics Fang Wei, Nobuko Serizawa, Akihiko Yanase, Ichiroh Daitoh, Manabu Shimasawa, Akira Sadahiro, and Megumi Suto
2007/1/15.17 Frontiers of Mixed Oligopoly Theories Toshihiro Matsumura, 1. "Mixed Oligopoly: An Overview," 2. "Endogenous Timing in Oligopoly," 3. "Endogenous Timing in Mixed Oligopoly," 4. "Spatial Competition and Product Differentiation," 5. "Spatial Competition in Mixed Oligopoly," "How Many Firms Should Be Leaders?: Beneficial Concentration Revisited"
2007/1/22   Bharat Ramaswami, "Intellectual Property Rights and Agricultural Development"
2007/1/24.26 Graduate Student Special Seminar Bharat Ramaswami, 1. "Poverty and Economic Development I," 2. "Poverty and Economic Development II"
2007/2/9   Masanori Takezawa, "Developing a New Framework of Adaptive Concession Making Strategies: Bridging Social Psychological Studies on Negotiations and Economic Models of Bargaining"
2007/2/13-15 Bounded Rationality in the Psychological Context Masanori Takezawa, "Lectures 1, 2, and 3"
2007/2/15 Corporate Governance and M&As Noriyuki Yanagawa, "Lectures 1 and 2," <Seminar> "Effectiveness of Conservative Experts"
2007/2/25 Russia's Macro-Political System at the Crossroads Presidentialism and Federalism on the Eve of the 2007-08 Electoral Cycle, Vladimir Guelman, Tomila Lankina, Oleh Protsyk, and Paul Goode

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