Constructing Open Political-Economic Systems
21COE-GLOPE sponsors international conferences and public symposia whose participants include some of the leading scholars in their fields.
Shiro Yabushita
Shiro Yabushita
* Ph.D. (Economics), Yale University
* Shiro Yabushita and Kazumi Shimizu, eds., The Political Economy of Regional Integration, Toyo Keizai Inc., 2007
We in the 21st century continue to face internal economic problems as well as a wide range of global challenges in maintaining peace, protecting the environment, and upholding the international system of trade and capital. In our modern society, where individuals and organizations engage in activities that transcend national boundaries, the governmental policies of any single country are bound to affect the welfare of people both at home and in other parts of the world. The Waseda University 21st-Century Center of Excellence program "Constructing Open Political-Economic Systems" (GLOPE) has as its goal the identification of principles for resolving conflict, building institutions, and coordinating policy among nations whose political and economic processes are becoming increasingly "open" and interdependent.

The members of GLOPE intend to cross over disciplinary boundaries, uniting our expertise in public philosophies, formal theories, statistical methods, economic theories, and experimental economics to develop an "open" and innovative approach that we hope will advance our knowledge of the world and lead to concrete proposals for designing improved political and economic systems. We call the analytical model we are attempting to construct the "Waseda Model," grounding it on the comparative study of political and economic institutions and ensuring its reliability through the use of political-economic experiments and large-scale social surveys. Moreover, we are working to develop a distinctive "GLOPE Method" that will serve both as the concrete framework for the Waseda Model and as an effective pedagogical tool.

We believe that GLOPE's activities will prove a source of stimulation not only to the intellectual community at Waseda but also to society as a whole, contributing to further progress in research as well as enhancing the quality of graduate-school education.

Academic year 2007-2008 marks the final year of the GLOPE program. All of us involved with the program pledge to make every effort to achieve the project's goals.
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